He dug into the earth – 10 minutes flash fiction

He dug into the earth, his fingers and hands covered in soft dirt, he retrieved the first carrot of the year. Wow he thought to himself as he brushed off some of the dirt. In his hands he was holding a massive carrot. Its orange was strong. This was of course due to the contrast with the dark brown wet clay.

“Mom!” he shouted, waving his first carrot of the season at a beautiful lady reading a book on dragon hunting in the shade by the apple tree.

She smiled at him. “Honey, for dinner we’ll need more than just one carrot.”

He wasn’t done, what was his mother thinking? This carrot was so big, this meant it was time to go onto a major digging spree.

Carefully he set aside a fat juicy worm.

“Thanks buddy, for making our soil so rich.” He whispered to his little helper.

A few minutes and many carrots later, his hands dug themselves into the ground to get out the last carrot of this patch. What’s that?! He felt something, that did not belong with a carrot. Carefully retrieving the rabbit gold from the ground, he let out a breath of surprise.

The carrot he was holding in his boyish hands was wearing a ring, he already imagined himself meeting up with Hobbits and other magical creatures.

“Mooooom! Moooooom!! I found something!” he shouted.

His mother, who was a treasure hunter at heart, hurried to her son.

Looking at the carrot in his hands, she saw the glistening band that laid around it.

“I think that’s your Grandmother’s wedding rind” she stammered, confused.

“But Grandmother has never had a wedding ring!” was his puzzled reply.

“Let’s go show her!”

286 Words – 10 minutes

By Solveig Werner

Over the last few days I have not done enough writing. So I set myself my own challenge write a story in 10 minutes, because limited time = maximum productivity, a while ago I read a news article about how a woman found her lost wedding ring in her carrots many years after she lost it. I figured that I should write about it. 10 minutes (I set a timer) weren’t enough to truly finish the story, I might continue it one day. So if you wish to continue it, then please feel free to do so (but you only have 10 minutes).

8 thoughts on “He dug into the earth – 10 minutes flash fiction

    1. I am glad that you liked it. Well I think 10 minutes really limits the time you have, but not the imagination. I was more productive writing wise in those 10 minutes than I was over all during the last few days…

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