If we were having coffee – 26th September 2020

Remember? I used to do these coffee shares on a weekly basis for quite some time. This morning, I thought that maybe I should join in again. In a year, where virtually meeting with friends and family has become the new normal, I no longer know how to welcome you, my dear reader into my … Continue reading If we were having coffee – 26th September 2020

Happy Mother’s Day – Fundraising

Celebrate your mom today! https://www.instagram.com/p/BlTbBZthLe-/ I am thinking a lot about my mom lately. It was on the 10th of May three years ago, that she received the diagnosis. For her and us, her family and friends a world-altering diagnosis. She had been diagnosed with cancer. On that day we did not know the extent … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day – Fundraising