Letters to Santa by Solveig Werner | Advent 2018 Day 2 – 1st Sunday of Advent

Letters to Santa

by Solveig Werner

The postal elve frowned. Something like this had never happened to him since he started his long career many years ago. 

He called his colleague without taking his eyes of the two neatly written letters on his desk, “Cristel, come and look at this!”

“What is it, Sam?” Cristel asked, whilst jotting down some presents that should be given to the kids whose letters were scattered on her desk. 

“They are asking for the strangest of things!”

“Well that’s no news, and I have been doing this far less than you. Kids always come up with the most astounding things. I do recall when I started out at the warehouse and had to find a place for the gigantic toy dinosaur, for some reason it passed the test of acceptability.”

“Well, I don’t know what he’ll make of this! I know Santa is getting old and let’s the odd extravaganza slip through, but this is sheer impossible.”

Cristel slid of her chair and leaned over Sam’s shoulder to see what he was on about. In front of him were two neatly written letters. One was on pink paper, the other on brownish-yellow paper. 

“Their handwriting is very neat!” Cristel muttered. 

And then she read:

Dear Santa,

I am super excited for Christmas this year! Daddy promised that I will have my very own Christmas tree in my room. Isn’t that great, that way you can leave the presents there and can come over the balcony. No need to get dirty in the chimney. You know Mommy and Daddy do like using the chimney, as Daddy is well placed and has connections he doesn’t risk getting fined if we use it. And even if we did, Daddy says it won’t hurt his wallet or the environment. 
This Christmas, I promised Mommy that I won’t ask you for too many things, I already asked my grandparents for money. Mommy said that it isn’t nice to ask you for money, as you cannot print any in your workshop. 
So I want to ask you for the following things:
Please offer me a unicorn, so that I can ride it to school every morning. I really want everyone to see that I am more than special, that I am unique just as my unicorn. 
Then I would like to have a castle to live in, I am getting bored in our mansion.
I also want that you send your kitchen elves to cook the best Christmas dinner ever! The chef, who currently works here is alright, but I think elves would be best. Now, that I am writing this, the elve(s) (more than one is best) should stay and make sure that all food I eat is just perfect. 
My last wish for Christmas is new outfits, I am quickly growing and would love some golden dresses and coats, but not fake gold, they should be made with some real gold fibre!
Thank you very much, Santa and Merry Christmas to you and your little helpers!

P.S. I really tried to limit myself to the essential things. 

“I think that Lilly girl has gone mad!” Cristel blurted out.

“Told you this was exceptional!”

“I really hope that it won’t pass, because Gunnar won’t be happy slaving away in her kitchen. Let me see the other one, it can’t be worse than this can it?”

“It’s not worse just impossible too!”

Dear Santa,

I am really happy that it is Christmas again. I just know that this year I will really be missing my grandmother. I know that you cannot bring her back, thus I won’t ask you for this wish that is the most present in my heart.
I do have a small list, that I hope you can accept:
I wish for there to be peace on this earth.
Please take all the plastic out of the ocean, maybe your elves can do that?
Give all homeless people a home, so that they are no longer homeless.
Make sure that all kids have a nice Christmas meal. I have heard that you have some very good kitchen elves, can’t they come and help out in the kitchens where there is no food or where no one knows how to cook it?
I also wish for some money so that I can buy presents for those who don’t have enough money to buy anything (I know you bring something to every kid, but I want to help out a bit too). 
And if it is not too much to ask I would like my doll Sandra to have a new dress.

Many hugs from your admirer and biggest fan, 

“Oh, I have no idea how Santa will deal with the peace on earth. She does have respectable wishes but they aren’t in Santa’s power.” Cristel sighed. “Seems like a good kid”

“Not always, sometimes she is a bit naughty, but I guess school had some influence. The request for peace sometimes creeps up, especially from kids who come from modest homes, where there is no tv to know about war.” 

“I don’t want to be selfish, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea if Santa sees these letters. None of us is really there to cook meals, play peacekeepers or clean up the ocean.” 

“Imagine if the workshop elves were cleaning the ocean instead of making toys and if the kitchen elves were slaving away in the kitchens. There would be no more Christmas presents and even no more Christmas dinner for us elves.” Sam trailed off.

“If we elves aren’t fed, then there is no Christmas for anyone!” Cristel stomped her foot on the ground her hands on her hips.

“So, what do I put into my book for Santa?” 

Cristel bit her lip, “well Lilly is a bit too spoilt, you can say that and then say he should bring her a fluffy unicorn.”

“She’s 16, I don’t think that will pass.”

“Ok, but for Linda, you can say she’s a good kid, and the spying elves will probably note down the same thing and then we can say that a dress for her doll and some money for a good cause can be doable.” Cristel suggested.

“Yeah, I think you are right.” Sam propped his head on his hand, “I must be getting old, how nice where the days when the most extravagant request would be a pair of new ice-skates or a sleigh. But no, now they want us elves to cook and clean the ocean and want real unicorns.”

Today is the 2nd day of the Advent Calendar and the 1st Advent Sunday. I have the pleasure of hosting many of my friends and fellow bloggers for another year. If you are interested in joining in this year, then please let me know, there still is plenty of space for creative minds (it doesn’t have to be writing).  More here.

11 thoughts on “Letters to Santa by Solveig Werner | Advent 2018 Day 2 – 1st Sunday of Advent

  1. Oh, I like this one. What a different generation from when I was a kid. I don’t think kids are actually kids anymore, maybe that’s the problem. I think I’m going to go watch “A Christmas Story” again…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even those growing up in modest settings seem to be spoiled (when we are in the west). I’ve got two and I hope that they will turn out ok and be kids for as long as possible…


  2. Very nice post!!! And what’s up with the Unicorns these days – all the kids seem obsessed by them, well, at least the girls.


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