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The Bus Driver

“Hello, I really like your glasses. They suit you well!” Were the words with which I was greeted upon entering the bus I took home on Tuesday. With them came a friendly smile and gleaming eyes of the not so young bus driver.

“Thank you!” I replied with a smile and made my way further into the vehicle.

“The door won’t close, especially if you stand there any longer!” was the first announcement I got to hear on my 10/15 minute ride. The words were kind, not the way they can be at times.

Next stop, next announcement: “Thank you for that kind hello and that beautiful smile!” The girl who had joined my fellow travellers and myself looked as though she felt a bit embarrassed being at the centre of attention of about 25 people or more. Still she smiled and her smile was communicated.

You can imagine the ride went by at lightning speed. Just as the bus approached the last stop, the bus driver put on his pilot speech and announced: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here our ways must part as this is the final stop, what a pity. But well that’s how it is. And everyone, even those of you who did not validate your tickets, thank you to those who answered my hellos with a hello and with a smile.”

I left the bus smiling. As did the other passengers, but some seemed to think that this was “a bit too much”. I enjoyed it, it made the ride memorable and the day better.

What made you smile this week?

This post is my contribution to the #WeeklySmile Linkup, a blogging event hosted by Trent McDonald. You can find this week’s Linkup here.

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