First Concert

First Concert

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge #24-A Concert/AStoryADay May 2016

Ready for a stern lecture on why they should not be going to a concert, especially seen the security threat of the moment, Abby and Ginny were sitting on the sofa. Their dad sat down on the coffee table and looked into the eyes of his fully grown but not yet adult twin daughters.

“A concert you say?”

“Yes!” They answered in unison. 

“Ah, you know, your mother and I actually met at a concert!”

“Dad!” Abby moaned, “your concert was a local jazz band that played for like 15 people, it wasn’t even a real concert!”

“Now, it might not be the type of concert you two have in mind, but we did go to quite a few concerts in our time” he smiled and fell silent for a moment.

“Now, where is your mom?”

Ginny rolled her eyes, “you are just calling her for backup.”

They were certain that while living under their parents’ roof, they would not be allowed to step into a concert hall if it wasn’t for classical music.

Suddenly the chiming of their phones took them out of their miserable wait, concert tickets had been transferred to all of their phones.

“Really?” Abby reproachfully looked at her mom as she entered the room, on the screen there she had found a ticket for a Ravel Concerto.

“Honey, I just could not resist some Ravel, they are going to play the Bolero at that concert, so I thought it would be nice if we all went.”

“But mom!” Ginny moaned, “we were hoping for a real concert! You have been taking us to the Philharmonic Orchestra before we could walk”.

“Yes Ginny, not so quick! You two are great musicians now!”

“Oh don’t come with those arguments!! Ginny sobbed, her attempt to storm out of the room was interrupted by her sister pulling lightly on her shirt.

“Look further Ginny,” Abby whispered.

Ginny looked at Abby’s screen. Her sister showed her the unthinkable, there was a ticket for Ravel, but also one for Hot Chip and for Franz Ferdinand.

“Wow” Ginny said to Abby, “so they are cool after all?”

“Well girls, I could not resist. Franz Ferdinand almost never go on tour and I know that you two love Hot Chip. So I figured that I’d just buy entries for all three concerts.”

“Mom, I thought you don’t listen to our music,” Abby noted confused.

“Well, you know, when the learning fairy takes over your room, she likes to have some good music. And you two have no idea what happens in this house when you are at school or in your music lessons.”


Five years later in their parents’ bathroom, Abby and Ginny were getting ready for their first concert. Memories of their first two concerts flashed through their minds.

“Those two bands were amazing!” Ginny recalled.

“Don’t forget the support acts, they were such eye-openers for us.” Abby added, “I hope we’ll enchant our audience just like they did enchant us back then!”

With her eyes closed, so that Ginny could apply the makeup she pictured how they were trance-like dancing with the music, having fun with their cool parents.

A knock on the door took them back to the present moment. Their mom poked her head through the door, “Girls, are you ready? You don’t want to be late for your first gig!”

Blinded by the spotlight Abby and Ginny entered the stage, both holding on to their electronic cello and violin. With their band, they began to play their first ever concert. The singer was rocking it out and both girls knew that this moment marked a new chapter in their lives. Just like when their parents introduced them to concerts of non-classical music.

Ginny grabbed the microphone, “hello everyone! Thank you so much for coming tonight! As you might know, Abby and I are from here and proud that this is our first ever concert with our band.”

Abby continued, ” without our parents, who dragged us to the philharmonic orchestra, all the time, made sure that we learned our instruments and even took us to our first ever real concerts, we would probably not be standing here. So, the next song is dedicated to Mom”

“and Dad” Ginny finished the sentence.

“The singer took back the microphone and while the drum beats could be heard he announced, “the following song is called First Concert!”

This post is part of Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes, the prompt was A Concert. I am happy for any feedback.

As I am participating in AStoryADay in May, this is my story for today (May 3rd).

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

StoryADay May 2014

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.


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