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If we were having coffee, I’d ask you to be quiet, little one is sleeping, she seems exhausted from Christmas…

zotter chocolate If we were having coffee, well then we would like always be having tea, and I would propose some Zotter Chocolates. We have more than on the picture, but these are mine. I had the right to order my own Christmas presents… S and I gave a lot of Chocolates to our families for Christmas, to give you an idea: I got a discount for quantity… In the new year I might do a review on all the chocolates we have at home, after all there are some new flavours to discover.

How have you been? With the advent calendar, I feel as if I have been a bit absent. I have been missing the coffee, erm tea shares lately.

How was is your Christmas? I’ll be sharing Christmas tree and decoration pictures soon. We had a great Christmas with my parents, my grandfather, and my sister. If you read my final post of the advent calendar, you’ll know that we discover the tree on the 24th. It was beautiful how little one walked into the forbidden room and was amazed, impressed. The room was filled with magic, and then my sister handed out lyrics for Christmas songs, and we sang a few, my girl did not know where to look, the ornaments on the tree grabbed her attention and so did our singing. Next year I guess that in December I’ll be practicing with her. As for the presets, I had no real wishes. There is a book by fellow blogger is slowly making its way to my house (apparently for February…), I received some biographies (as I love biographies…), and for our small family we got one of the best books ever, a collection of European fairy tales (it tells you who wrote/collected the story and what country it is from), lovingly illustrated.  Little one was all happy after unwrapping her first present, a little music box. A few years ago we started unwrapping our gifts one by one and by the age, I mean no one unwraps them all at once. The order was from the youngest till the oldest until there were no more presents left.

Ah, now it might be the 2nd day of Christmas (in Germany it is actually a public holiday for the 2nd Christmas Day), but I shall concentrate on other things. 24 days of not doing any regular things on my blog, does mean that I am longing to share all I can…

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if you have enjoyed the Advent Calendar. Did you enjoy it? If you participated then I would like to thank you. I cannot thank you guys enough for all of these beautiful contributions!

If we were having coffee, then I’d let you know that there is a new series starting very soon on my blog (I already have two guest). I am still unsure if I should post a call for participation, or approach people instead. Did I pique your interest? Yes? I guess you are curious to know what I will be doing here. During the first two weeks of December the idea of a series where people share their traditions (not just religious) started forming. Once or twice every month I would like to have a guest share their traditions, the traditions of their town, country, family, neighbourhood, anything that has established itself as a tradition. I realised with the advent calendar that one tradition will be celebrated so differently from country to country, but also from family to family.

By now you are probably glaring at me because I am starting to ramble, it’s getting long I know, and I do not want to keep you from visiting other coffee sharers. I wish you a veery very Christmas once again! Hey we are only at day 2 of 12!

Many hugs from Paris! Solveig

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