Improvised Halloween

Costume PartyFirst time I celebrated Halloween was when I was 12. Now don’t look at me like that! I did not miss out on dressing up fun, nor on going from door to door to get treats. Just that these things happened at different moments in the year…

When I was 12 and celebrated my first ever Halloween, I think I was a bit in the dark about what Halloween actually is. My ESL teacher asked me during the last week of October what I would be for Halloween, well I had no idea. But she had a great book with costume ideas (in my household costumes were never ever bought!) One of the pictures inspired me and my mother and I got to work.

We bought some long sleeve t-shirts, some gloves and started taking everything apart. We sewed the cloves to the sleeves, except for two, and then we stuffed the sleeves with leaves. Why leaves? Well all of the newspapers were thrown out and fall in Pennsylvania was rich in leaves. So we stuffed the sleeves with leaves, and then proceeded to sow them onto the t-shirt that I would wear. All of this was done on the 30th of Halloween.

On Halloween, I came to school with 7 Arms, which over the day became quite itchy, but oh well. The other kids loved my costume, but I didn’t win a prize for it. And then it was time for my first trick or treating.

In the 2 following years, I made sure to participate in Halloween fun. But no costume came close to the first. I went from door to door dressed as a man, and people weren’T sure if I was a boy or girl… Then I dressed up as a barbie or something, but wearing huge timberland boots.

After leaving the US, Halloween once again lost its importance. I remember that in my second year of Uni I dressed in one of my favourite costumes. My sister was there to visit and spend ages painting me green. My skin was green, my hair was green, my shoes were green. And I was glittery. Equipped with a corset and a set of wings I was the absinthe fairy.

This year, I don’t think that I’ll be dressing up for Halloween. But I felt like joining Eclectic Alli’s Costume Party which is still on until Saturday 31st of October.

If you are curious about my Carnival Costumes, I might be doing a post on those when the time comes.

Badge courtesy of Eclectic Alli
© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “Improvised Halloween

  1. Hi Solveig, I used to make my kids costumes – they always wanted to be super scary. We would by the masks but I would make the clothing. One year my youngest went as the creepy, clicky sounding lady off the Grudge, he was so scary – he scared himself. Another year, the oldest wanted to be Nosferatu, I made him a cloak with a hood in black satin – the mask was horribly frightening, but he loved it. I miss those days, since they no longer celebrate or participate in Halloween.

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    1. Oh it sounds like you have great Halloween memories yourself. I might talk about the masks my mother made in my carnival post, so in a few months…
      It’s too bad that they no longer participate in Halloween, maybe you can dress up and scare the trick or treating kids? My mom and sister did that in the past and had a blast.
      Maybe once they’ll be off to college they will come asking for your craftsmanship for Halloween costumes but also themed nights out, and you’ll have fun again.


  2. I can’t begin to tell you the scary sights I spotted coming through Glasgow last night! This evening will probably be even spookier. Halloween wasn’t such a big thing when I was young – American customs hadn’t caught on here yet. I don’t remember dressing up, but we always had a Halloween party at Brownies. I had never seen a real pumpkin – lanterns were carved from turnips (swedes) which was a painful process. The highlights were dookin’ for apples and eating sticky buns hanging from a string without using your hands. Simple pleasures!

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    1. So what did you see last night? I guess you are right that tonight it will even be scarier…
      I remember how cold my hands got carving my pumpkin and it wasn’t even pretty, I guess it takes years of practice. It does sound as if you have some great Halloween memories yourself, thank you so much for sharing them!
      Will you dress up tonight? Happy Halloween 🎃


      1. Some very weird costumes! Yes, I shall “dress up” – but in a dress to go out for dinner with friends. Will be sure to ward off assorted ghosts, vampires and zombies….


        1. If anyone asks, you can say you are going as a princess I guess. Have a nice dinner. And keep some garlic in a pouch and don’t forget the holy water and a cross…

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  3. I love your childhood stories, Solveig, have you ever considered writing a memoir? Maybe that could be a book you write this NaNo? 🙂 Just a thought!

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    1. Oh thank you Gulara! Well once I read your comment last night, I thought about it. But a story woke me hours ago and now I have been writing in my head. One day I might compile many of my childhood stories, there are so many. I do like sprinkling my blog with them here and there.

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