Good morning, if we were having coffee, as usual I’d propose something different. I am sitting here with some good Puh Erh, so I would propose you some of that.

If we were having coffee, well then I’d tell you that I am happy that I managed to squeeze you in somewhere today. In half an hour I’ll have to click you out, sorry, as one of my German students will be here for his lesson. I’d ask you if you think I should accept to do a lesson tomorrow, in the middle of the afternoon, or if you think that I should rather spend the time with my family?

I’d tell you that since we last talked, I had a good beginning of the week. Sunday and Monday were S.’s days off, so we made the most of it, we had the feeling that those two days were the equivalent of 4. I’d let you know that at the moment my sister is in town (she lives in Berlin), so I’ll be spending some time with her today and tomorrow. I’d love you to meet her, she is present in the blogosphere (with a great fashion blog), but hasn’t been active in a long time.

I’d tell you that I am not too happy with my writing, as I have not had the necessary time to sit down and write. So I am really hoping to come up with a good shot story for tomorrow, after all I schedule my Sunday posts in advance… Any prompts are definitely welcome 🙂 My time has been wisely used though, I don’t feel as if I lost any of it, it’s just that some things are a bit out of their equilibrium in my surroundings at the moment.

If we were having coffee (well tea) I’d tell you about how little one was all active last night, and started crying and screaming. We turned on the light to comfort her. Well… she was asleep and screaming, there was nothing we could do, nothing would could wake her. This was a first for us, because at night she always sleeps really well. I cradled her and she finally calmed herself and slid into a deeper sleep. She is still sleeping now (it”s 9:44 in the morning) and I hope that she’ll continue during my lesson.

If we were having puh erh, then I’d ask you many questions. How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have anything planned for the week to come? Are you writing enough/being creative enough? I’d ask you if you are sharing your coffee too, it is a weekly event hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster.

Then I’d tell you that it was nice to have you over for a chat, and that I am looking forward to next weekend. I’d apologies for not having a lot of time and for having left out so many things in our chat, such as my recent nomination for an award, thanks Melissa 🙂 .

Thanks for stopping by, Solveig

Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly event hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster.