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If we were having coffee today, then I would ask you if you’d be ok with a glass of water, I would also be willing to make you some freshly pressed orange juice. We would then settle down for a nice afternoon chat, or maybe go outside and have a walk through the Parc Monceau (as it is just around the corner).

If we were having coffee, or in our case water, then I would tell you how my week has been. In my opinion since we talked last Saturday, it went by really quickly, far too quickly actually. As I only worked two times this week, yesterday and this morning, it was the blogging that made the week go by fast. You would look at me and ask: “how come? You didn’t put many posts up this week.” Well on Monday I posted my A to Z Reflections Post, and I was a bit overwhelmed by all the comments, thank you 🙂 ! I think that this was mostly due to the fact that I managed be 7th on linky list over at the A to Z Challenge Page. 7 is actually one of my favourite numbers, which makes it even better. So I spend a lot of time commenting back and paying visits to all of the bloggers who stopped by. Besides that I had been partying hard over at the A to Z After Party hosted by Sabina at Victim to Charm.

If we were having coffee, I would show you the writing progress I have made over the last few days, especially last evening once little one was asleep, I filled a few more pages of my Moleskin. The story Polished Shoes, which I put up on Wednesday will continue soon. I would also let you know that I am planning of having a more structured blogging week, but I’ll tell you more about that in a different post.

Then I would probably moan a bit about how I am not happy with the fact that I am not blogging or writing enough in German and French. But I plan to do more of that (not the moaning). I would let you know, that if I am good, then I’ll manage to post a new story tomorrow, as I figured that Solveig’s (short) story Sunday could be a great weekly event to get me writing regularly, any prompts are welcome 🙂

You would mention how nice little one has been all trough our silent chat. I would tell you how I am glad that she’s started napping, those teeth must have been tough, one of the 4 that hurt her last week is through now. I guess that I would also boast a bit with the fact that she’s a great kid when it comes to working from home.

If we were having coffee, then I would ask you how your week was. If you have anything special planned for next week, if there are any blogs or posts that I should check out. And of course I would ask you if you are going the Weekly Coffee Share hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster? If so, head over to her site and join the linkup.


The Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly event hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster.

Text and photo (hosted on Flickr) by Solveig Werner