Yetis and Music, Walks and Other Smiles

Last week school was out for “All Saints Holidays” (strange name for school holidays in a country where showing religious signs in public spaces, especially in schools, isn’t allowed), and I had the occasion, to spend a whole day with just my daughter. When you are a big sister it isn’t all that easy to have some quality time with your mom, no your little brother will always be jealous, or there will be your dad or your mom’s work. 

I decided more or less out of the blue to take her to the cinema. She is 5 closing in on 6 and has never been to the cinema, and that when we live so close to 5/6 cinemas. 5 is the right age to start. I checked my phone to see what midday screening we could go to, and decided that Abominable looked quite good (okay I read a few reviews the days before, but sometimes the reviews of a film are nothing like what it is like). 

For the first time to go the pictures, Abominable was definitely a great choice. There was so much music and magic in that movie that I am sure at home on the small screen the film won’t have the same effect, you cannot sense the vibrations of music the way you do in the cinema or in a concert hall when in your living room. My daughter left the theatre with sparkles in her eyes, telling me that she wanted to go back to the cinema, to see the same film again. 

Since then a week has passed. A week in which my sister’s white “Build a Bear” teddy was turned into a yeti named “Everest”. In which the film was reenacted for my son, and both kids started humming, accompanied by the mistreated glockenspiel or some “music” coming from the guitar as if there was no tomorrow.

On Saturday we went on a nice end of break walk through the Marais to Rue Saint Anne, not that you need to know where that street is located. We stopped at a total of 3 playgrounds to make the napless afternoon more child-friendly. For some reason, one of the parks we went to was invisible to our eyes before we were parents and searching for a spot to eat our falafels. The whole time we were joined by Everest, he had to go on slides, check out the Lego store and even made it home. Because apparently in the very middle of Paris, in the Parc Nelson Mandela at Chatelet there is the home of Everest, the Himilayas.

The playground next to the giant frog with the crown has morphed into my daughter’s favourite playground, as it is the home of her yeti. 

This post is part of Nanopoblano (I promise, I’ll do my best to link to some amazing posts in the days to come) in which I am trying to participate in this year and it is also part of the weekly linkup #WeeklySmile hosted by Trent P. McDonald.

10 thoughts on “Yetis and Music, Walks and Other Smiles

  1. I guess she enjoyed the movie 😉 It obviously made an impact! I think your days of relying on movies at home are over and you will see the inside of a cinema a little more often 🙂

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    1. I will, at least once every school break.
      My other half and I work odd hours (I am freelance and he works Saturdays and Sundays) and as my son is still to small for the cinema we do need both of us not working (or school holidays as my son does have daycare even then) to take her out alone.


  2. When I was a kid, decades ago, there were 4 of us. We each prized time alone with either one of our parents, it was pretty scarce. Years later I asked my mom when I was visiting her as an adult whether she liked it better when we all came at once (along with spouses and kids) or if she liked it better when one of us came at a time. She said she enjoyed it when one came at a time, but then she knew we wouldn’t necessarily see each other for as long as a year, so she appreciated that we all wanted to be there together. She died shortly after that and I’ve always wished I’d try harder to get down to Alabama to see her on my own more often.


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