To the women I love

To the women I love

To the women, who inspire me

To the women encouraging other women

To the women raising daughters and sons

To the mothers, granddaughters, sisters, cousins, nieces out there

To the strong women

To the weak women (you are strong too)

To the men supporting women to be strong and independent

To all women however young or old you might be

To the fathers of daughters, grandfathers of granddaughters, brothers of sisters, cousins of coursins, uncles of nieces, nepfews of uncles…

To the intelligent women

To the women not scared of change or opportunity

To the women, who roamed the earth before us

To the women of future generations

To the women I love,

Your actions and thoughts have shaped me. Have shaped my decisions, dreams, plans, mistakes, in short my life. I might not know you, but you might have fought for a right which I now take for granted. Maybe your words spoken oh so many years ago, influence me today. Maybe your future life will be impacted by my own actions.

Whoever you might be. You are important for women and men on this earth. Whatever you might do, whatever you might have done will have been influenced, enabled by someone elses actions or will influence, or permit someone to go further when it comes to pursuing their dreams.

Don’t be someone who hinders women (and thus men too). Be someone who gives women and men wings, more equality, more opportunities, more hopes, a brighter future.

I realise often, that my actions, decisions, dreams, and projects have been shaped by many people, many of whom are women.

There is my paternal grandmother, who would have celebrated her 81st birthday in February if she hadn’t passed away in 2006. She has been one of the most influencial women in my life. I think if it weren’t for her I would never even thought about teaching… But that is just one of the ways she has influenced me. The importance of keeping memories alive was something she transmitted to me.

There is of course my mother. Who left us way too early 3 years ago. The constant yearning for creativity most definitely stems from her. My perpetual smile and my kind heart (sorry not trying to self-applaud here, this is just something that often gets underlined) is something that comes from her.

There is my sister, who has always been there. And who I know I can always count on. As the older one, I see it as my duty to support her, to promote her work. But it’s not dificult I am naturally proud of her and she’s got talent.

There is my daughter, to whom I am hopefully a good role model. My decisions are now influenced by her presence and that of her little brother. Their future is important to me and I want it to be the best possible.

I think so many people impact my everyday life. And my decisions impact the lives of others.

Many of my inspirations from outside of the family have been male. But don’t worry, the women are creeping into the mix (such as Michelle Obama). Let’s add some more women to the mix of people that influence us today.

To the women I love

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