The Greatest Gift by Solveig Werner | Advent 2018 Day 20

What is the most amazing Christmas gift that you ever received?

Here is the story of mine.

Today, twenty-five years ago, I went into my parents’ bedroom and did not find who I was looking for. My neighbour was sleeping in my parent’s bed. Something was up.

The memory of a small baby in a hospital baby crib bed flashes through my mind as I write this.

My parents had given me an early Christmas present, a baby sister, my own Christkind!

Now, 25 years later I am so happy to have my sister.

Completely in love with my baby sister!

A friend for life.

Of course, it wasn’t always easy. The early weeks were tough for my nerves. Five days before my sister arrived, I had a horrible accident. I burnt myself to the 3rd-degree lighting candles and I still have the scar today, thus I was in need of attention, attention that I did not want to share with a little worm. The entire insides of my room were stacked against the door so that no one could come in, and no one could come out.

Wasn’t she a cutie? On holidays in Austria sometimes in the 1990s

My best friend and I had the fun of our lives, and we still laugh about it today (we were 5 at the time). My mom’s friend who was visiting daily to help out with the household and Christmas preparations found herself in the role of an interior designer, redecorating my entire room. I am still a bit sorry for the burnt Christmas cookies (that I was allowed to play with for my dolls) that were littered all over the place in crumbs…

Judith and I had our fights over the years. As siblings do.

But we have been through thick and thin.

When I was twelve and she was 6, almost 7 we moved to the US. Having a sister suddenly became very interesting. She became more and more a friend, we secretly binge-watched Disney-Channel when our parents were out. I could play with dolls at 14 without feeling too old to do so, I was, after all, playing with my sister. If anyone would have found out that crime, I could have said: “she is five years younger and still plays with dolls, I just join her”.

The list of fun moments we had together is long. Now, she is about to leave Paris, to go to Copenhagen for 6 months. I will truly miss her. Over the last few days, we have been catching up. Often we are too busy to do so.

25 years after being gifted a sister. I must say, a sibling is the greatest gift a parent can give to their child. I am writing this and see my two between fights and cuddles full of love.

Over the past few months, I have realised how proud I am of my sister. She is finishing her degree as a fashion designer. I often talk about my special Christmas present to friends and my students. I cannot help it… And I am sure that I will tell you more about her creations once I have received my order.

If she finds the time between celebrating her birthday, moving to a new country and preparing Christmas, Judith will have a story for this calendar too (I am writing this today as her piece isn’t finished). If not, I am already working on her to have her guest publish some short (longish) stories on here, I am sure that my most devoted readers will be kind and honest.

So, what has been the most extraordinary Christmas gift you ever received?

10 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift by Solveig Werner | Advent 2018 Day 20

    1. Thank you, Trent! I told her that I would love to have her as a guest on my blog from time to time, I know that she writes a lot but published little and I thought that some of my readers (thinking of you) are super supportive and honest when it comes to people putting themselves out there.

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  1. I didn’t know you guys had lived in the United States. I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister. This is a great story, Solveig!!!


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