All I want for Christmas … by Beaton | Advent 2018 Day 14

All I want for Christmas …

By Beaton

My Christmas Memories Past Present and future always begin the same way, to a soundtrack of Mariah Carey music…. Has anyone crowned her as the queen of Chistmas yet?

All I want for Christmas is…………

Its hard to get into the festive spirit when your Christmas wishlist starts from the basics. When you have had to sacrifice wants from needs you begin to know the things that really matter, because “austerity for prosperity measures” says Mr Government Man 

For me Christmas means Family

All I want for Christmas is to spend time with family and relations and catchup over a simple meal and maybe a barbecue 

All I want for Christmas is……. 

Its strange how we get so caught up with our little things that we forget to check in with our friends and family until you get that dreaded phone call that they gone forever then you start thinking I should have been a better friend and relation and now it’s too late it’s even stranger how the only time whole families get to meet is over a funeral of dearly departed loved one.

This Christmas All I want is just to hang out with friends and family for no reason and just chill 

Oh my word that sounds so unexciting, do we outgrow the Christmas spirit? Growing up I remember by now I would be unable to keep calm counting down how many sleeps to Christmas, would be humming carols and cutting out decorations to stick on the walls and going through the phone directory to find the addresses of family and friends so I could post them Christmas cards!!!

Its fifteen days to Christmas and not a single thing in this house points to it being the festive season, the only closest celebration I have going is a blog challenge to post one post a day celebrating the best moments of the year #2018BOTY

Oh and I am humming along to Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you which is playing on repeat as I write this advent calendar post.

All I want for Christmas ……… is you

Wait what has anyone ever stopped to think that could actually be the start of chain of events that could lead to the making of a Christmas Horror story; when a large jolly character in a red jump comes, grabs you puts you in a large sack and takes you to the North Pole so they can package you in a box wrapped up with a bow at the top because you are someone’s All I want for Christmas wish……

Careful what you wish for

All I want for Christmas is………

Compliments of the season


Becoming The Muse
It’s a pleasure to have Beaton back for this Advent Calendar, you can read his other contributions here: Christmas In Zimbabwe, Of Memories of Christmas Past

If you want to be part of the Advent Calendar, I still need some participants for the coming week (and tomorrow), if you already participated and want to do so again, you are definitely welcome. Send me a message (if you get no answer, leave a comment).

4 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas … by Beaton | Advent 2018 Day 14

  1. Great post!!! And Happy Holidays to you!!! I don’t think we outgrow the Christmas, we just set our expectations lower of what the season will bring!!!! But spending time around children, and watching the sheer joy and wonder in their eyes, brings the spirit of the season back into our hearts!!!

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