Gifts for a bookish friend by Stephanie Augustine | Advent Day 9, 2nd Sunday of Advent

Christmas is upon us and you have no idea what to buy for your bookish friend. You want to get them something else besides books though. What do you do?

Never fear! Here is a list of places you can go to buy bookish items for your friends.

Augustine’s Book Corner

Yes I know, I am self promoting but I honestly love my bookmarks so much. They have a lot of integrity and some really cute designs.

Book Nook Candles

These are great book candles all made with coy wax. I love them because it’s a mixture of book and holiday candles.

Fabric Bound

This shop offers the most adorable book sleeves. These help your bookish friends protect their babies.

Literary Galaxy

This shop has the cutest bookish thing. There are a variety of things available including bookmarks and jewelry.

Literary Book Gifts

There are so many adorable shirts and totes on this site. This is perfect for all the classic book lovers.

I hope these shops will help you find some items to send to your bookish friend.

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Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am located right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Obviously, I am obsessed with books. I tend to lean towards sci-fi/fantasy, both adult and YA but I also love a good crimer/thriller. Audiobooks have become quite an obsession but nothing beats curling under a blanket with a great book. Feel free to contact me!

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