Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate – Day 16 Advent 2017

Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate

Day 16 Advent 2017

“Do you have any money for us Miss?” It must have been the 10th time on her way home from work that someone was actively asking her for money. Like the other times that evening in mid-December she shook her head, said “sorry” and tried to at least give a comforting smile. There were times when she fished a coin out of her jeans’ pocket, but she didn’t want to support alcohol or drug habits. Too often she had spotted the beggar, who sat in front of the coffee shop, in the liquor section of the supermarket. And she had grown ever warier when she had sen a man next to his cardboard checking his far more modern phone than hers, she could not afford such luxuries.

“Do you have any money for us?”
“I am really sorry, I don’t “ she lied shaking her head and smiling a comprehensive smile at the family of refugees. Her smile was answered by the little girl. Poor thing, in the cold begging.

A shiver raced down Nina’s spine. She hurried home.

When she snuggled herself into her bed with a hot chocolate and a new book, the family came back into her mind.

Without thinking, she jumped to her feet and proceeded to rummage through the kitchen cabinet. What was hot and tasty?

And she cooked.

Her kitchen was a mess. Dishes were pots were piling up in the sink. And Nina felt that she had accomplished something.

“Miss do you have some money?” The little girl asked her when Nina started to come closer to the family.

“Sorry, I don’t “ this time this was Nora lie, “but I’ve prepared you something hot to eat”.

At first, the family could not understand her. But when she opened the boxes filled with hot food their mouths started to water.

“Here, this is for you!” Nina handed a thermos to the girl. “Because even if you are in the street, Christmas time comes with hot chocolate!”

The girl’s eyes were gleaming. She nodded, not understanding the words, but understanding their meaning.

Nina got up from her knees and made a sign to tell the family that she would now leave them. Smiling they folded their hands and nodded in thanks.

After a few steps, Nina heard a “Merry Christmas!”

9 thoughts on “Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate – Day 16 Advent 2017

  1. What a wonderful and heart warming story. By doing all that work and connecting with the family both emotionally and practically it was worth much more than a little money.

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