Weekend Coffee Share 23/09/2017

So I heard that right, there was a knock on my door! I didn’t expect you to come an visit, really what a surprise! Come on in it’s so good to see you!

If we were having coffee on this very beautiful first official Saturday of Autumn then we would be sitting on the ground on nice fluffy sheep skins (sorry if you are vegan or a vegetarian then you can sit on the ground a chair) surrounded by stuffed animals. The ground is the safest place for the boy to be at the moment, and there is no sofa.

What kind of beverage would you like? I am sorry there is no coffee, but I have Oolong, Bai Mu Dan and green tea amongst others… But these arrived recently.

If we were having our drinks, you’d probably go on about the boy’s very blue eyes, or his smile, those are the two things people like commenting on those two things. I would ask you how you have spend your day today. Did you go sight seeing? Or did you just enjoy the sun in one of the many parks?

Seriously, how are you? How is work? The kids? The writer’s life?

I would tell you about my week, I only worked two hours, but one of them was with a student, who had requested to work with me again, which is just lovely! And on Thursday I kept bumping into students from before my maternity leave. I have also started to contact my students from before my break, I am learning how to stay in my clients’ heads. If you need a German teacher (I work with complete beginners if that is what is holding you back), I’d be happy to help you out.

Lately I have been trying to write more (on my blog, on my projects, guest post, write professionally). Sometimes my pen just whizzes through my notebook, that just feels great. Now, I have a pile of interrupted stories, some waiting to be crafted into novels others into collections of short stories. And then there is so much autobiographical material (snippets from childhood, memories etc) that I would like to use. I wrote about the importance of voting, because tomorrow it’s the elections in Germany.

If we were having coffee, then we would look at the amazing blue sky. For the past few weeks the weather has not been all that nice, so this is refreshing.

Now, it’s time for me to figure out what to cook tonight and make our appartement presentable for my next coffee guest.

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to stop by at Diana’s blog where the linkup for the coffee share shall be sooner or later.

© Solveig Werner 2017. All rights reserved. 

4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 23/09/2017

  1. Thanks for the tea and lovely chat Solveig. Your boy does have beautiful eyes – I can see them in your words. I hope the candidate of your choice gets up in the election.


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