It’s almost time for …

Let this be my first ever reblog!

I am so happy that many brilliant bloggers are contributing to the advent calendar! I find myself in a compromising situation, not enough people have overcome their shyness and want to contribute. The calendar still needs about 10 contributors and many next week!
So if you want to join the fun, or know someone who should, then please come forward!

Thank you!

Have a great Advent Season!

Solveig Werner

It’s almost time for the annual Advent Calendar

All I need is your contribution and for time to pass a little slower so that everyone can be creative and I can review and set up the posts.

the world of orchidsLast year I had the crazy idea to host a multi-contributor advent calendar. It worked great and many contributors found new readers and friends and many of loyal readers found blogs they enjoy reading. Memories, stories and traditions were shared. If you want an idea, then see here.

This year, I am looking for 24 contributions let’s make that 25 to start in style on the first advent Sunday with a pre-calendar post (I might accept more to do super Advent Sundays).

So what am I looking for?

For this year I thought that stories should take the centre stage. Flash and micro fiction, longer short stories, stories told through poems…

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5 thoughts on “It’s almost time for …

  1. Hi Solveig if you are desperate I have lots of Christmas blogs of different types if you need another post. I have reblogged your appeal so I hope more bloggers will come forward…. I know I was in two minds but I am so pleased to have contributed! Good luck and the offer is here! 🙂 xxx

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  2. I am doing a Christmas Virtual Ice Skating party on the 18th … if you are stuck you perhaps could use this as an extra one? I’ve already written my one for Christmas Eve, so no problem there. The party is going to be a link up magical fantasy ice skating party, with opportunities for bloggers to share their links, etc.. Let me know if that would help.


  3. Let me know if you are still needing some posts. I have lots of posts on my blog that can be re-used by you here. I’m not using all of them this Christmas.


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