Discovering a Drawing #WeeklySmile

Discovering a Drawing

A few evenings ago I turned the page in my Moleskine and came across this little drawing:

toddler art

My Moleskin had been overtaken by my daughter. When she draws little circles they are either people or minions, probably a mixture of both. I am quite sure that her dad and I are both represented in the picture above. She is always drawing or paining, so no paper is safe from her. When I looked through my notebook, well there are quite a few artistic explosions.

And when I wanted to write this #WeeklySmile post (yes they haven’t been weekly lately) she saw the page with her drawing on it and could not resist turing the page and continuing one of her other works.

toddler art

toddler art

toddler art

Well, my notebook is not there to be completely tuned into a two year old’s drawing, so I offered a blank sheet of paper in exchange for it.

Did this make you smile?

This post is part of the #WeeklySmile linkup, a weekly event hosted by Trent McDonald, you can find his and the other posts here, and join in with your own. What made you smile this week? And you can find out more about the #WeeklySmile here.

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8 thoughts on “Discovering a Drawing #WeeklySmile

  1. The family notebook! She’s just illustrating your words. Since she can’t read she thinks you are obviously talking about people and minions. Very cute 🙂

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  2. How cute! My son was the “artist” in our family. No wall, quilt, or bookcase was safe from his talent. He is still artistic, but as a grown man he uses more appropriate medium for his art. 😉 Have fun with your daughter! It will be interesting to see what she does with her art one day… hmmmm, maybe an illustrator or artist for books. 😉

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  3. Lol. Yes, like what others said, very cute. Maybe it’s time for her own personal journal. One of my old bosses maintained his doodling habits and drew some kind of amoeba thing over everrything like important oapers in meetings so go figure.

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    1. Oh that is a good tip. Well I think she might not be interested in one that is just for her. She likes using the things I use…


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