L is for Learn #AtoZChallenge

L is for Learn

Everyday we learn something new. A new skill, a new word, a new recipe. Everyday we discover something new.

Life long learning exists, it is the natural way of living. We might be learning less or at a slower pace than kids when we are adults, but we still learn.

Kids, you can watch them learn. Learn to independently move. Learn to communicate. Learn to climb the stairs. Learn to do shoelaces. Learn to count. Learn to write their name. Learn to eat with cutlery. Learn to express themselves. Learn to read and write. 

We learn to use new technologies, if we are open minded and want to do so. We learn to use the washing machine, or we don’t. We learn to cook, to cook a new meal. We learn to dress correctly for a new job. We might learn how to fix the plumbing, to use a drill.

There is always something that can be learnt. Don’t tell me or anyone that you are too old to learn something new. Unless you are physically unable to do something, it will be your own mental walls that keep you from learning something new. Maybe you won’t be an expert, but you can always try to understand to manage.

What have you learnt over the past days? Over the past weeks? Over the past months? Over the last few years?

Since I left university, I learnt many new things. I learnt about building my own business. I learnt to teach German, and I am still learning a lot while doing that. I learnt about Vitamin D. I learnt a lot of things about HPV. I learn about love every day, because about that we always learn. I learn about friendship, which like love is a continuous lesson. I learnt and still learn about teenagers and kids in general. I think I learnt more about everyday sociology in the last three years than I did learn in my sociology classes. I learnt how to clean a siphon. I  continuously learn new things about French administration. I learnt how to change a baby. I learnt about honesty, or the lack thereof. I am learning how to use twitter. I am somehow learning about SEO. I learnt how to price my services. I learnt how to teach a class of teenagers that won’t listen. I am learning how to have an organised apartment. I am learning how to deal with the loss of my mother. I am learning rediscovering how to paint, I am rediscovering this love. I learnt that I must write to stay sane, that it is the best way I have to express my thoughts.

I am learning something every day!

Long legged Lisa longingly looks at Linda’s loved lips.

During the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge, my theme is authenticity and eclecticism, which in my book go hand in hand.

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17 thoughts on “L is for Learn #AtoZChallenge

  1. Hi Solveig – it is so true, we all have the capacity to keep on learning. It drives me crazy when I hear people say they are too old or tired to learn something new. Learning keeps the brain alive and fresh.
    I learned today that I am really behind on my posts for the A-Z Challenge, you have just done “L” and I have only just completed “I”. Eek. I better get a move on, I suppose.

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    1. I did see that you posted J, so you are moving forward. I checked the signup list, you are still on there, I think you have the right to be 3 days behind before they kick one out of the linky…

      People always like putting their age forward as an excuse to say that they won’t understand something (especially technology), saying that you won’t understand something, or won’t be able to do something before you try is the best way of not making it…

      You know, you taught me that making my bed is essential, I used to be a big slacker on that account, and now it is nicely made every morning.

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      1. Ha-ha. I am glad I could help. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day, and seeing your nicely bed waiting for you. It’s the best, oh and also the scrumptious hugs from your children – that’s the best too after a long day.


      2. I have been working very hard to get caught up on these posts. I think I am two behind now. I have to go away and work on “M”. Thanks for checking on that for me. I didn’t know you could get kicked off the blog roll. EEK!!!!!


  2. What a great list of learning – I always think there is never an excuse to be bored as life is fascinating always and I’m keen to learn from any new situation. Following a flood in our summer house in Sweden I have learnt how frost works on pipes, how to repair them, how to fix a shower. I’ve learnt (well sort of) football tricks from my son, I’ve learnt how to fix my mobile. I’m forever learning to be patient! The latter is still a project ongoing. Hope you’re okay and you’re able to enjoy the spring days. Warmest wishes.

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  3. Great post! To me to live is to learn. The day I stop wanting or trying to learn something is the day you can put that first shovel of dirt on me because I must be dead.

    Side note – I haven’t seen any of your posts in my Reader for a while. I know I haven’t had much time for WP lately, but I have scrolled through looking for favorites. I got here by seeing your icon as a like on someone else’s post. and following it out. Strange, it’s like WP doesn’t want me seeing your wonderful posts. I checked and i am still following, so I’ll just have to be more diligent to track you down.

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    1. I do think that we learn a lot without realising.

      I have been posting mostly every day, except this past Sunday. Sometimes the reader likes to decide that our favourite blogs should no longer show up. It has happened to me too, but there seem to be problems with ping backs as well.
      Maybe the whole thing is an incentive so that we use the new reading lists?

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      1. I looked and saw an email from when you posted. I try to keep the emails down to a manageable amount, but I rely on the Reader much more.


  4. Well, here I am finally just after 10.30PM Friday night with my cup of decaf tea. While I am obviously a practitioner of life long learning, so many people struggle to even learn through school and think that’s the end. My kids are constantly stretching me, which goes against what you usually hear.
    I remember watching my kids learn to walk and how they kept trying and bouncing back and that’s such a lesson for the grown ups!
    xx Ro

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    1. Oh my it is just past 7pm here now…
      Some might have a hard time learning in school, at least what is taught in the lessons, but they do learn something (I hope).
      I do think kids are probably some of the best teachers. When I worked as a school teacher it was the kids that taught me so many things (patience, how to deal with teenagers, etc)


  5. I just realized you’re doing the AtoZ Challenge too! So am I, with a legends and legendary creatures theme. 🙂

    “Learn,” there are so many things to learn in life. And it’s quite an adventure learning them, too! I often learn through mistakes, trial and error, hoping to do better the next time. 🙂


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