Weekend Coffee Share – 19 March 2016

If we were having coffee, then we would probably be having tea. Currently, I am drinking some Pu-ehr. But I would gladly make us some nice Bai Mu Dan (white tea), at the moment this is my favourite. Once you have made the choice of beverage, I also have water or milk, we’d settle down around my living room table for a nice chat.

Solveig's Mug If we were having coffee, then I would ask you how you are doing. So, how are you? I have been quite absent from the blogosphere in a while, and am glad to catch up at last! Did you write a must read post over the last 2 months that I did not read? Then let me know, and I will try to do the necessary catching up.

If we were having coffee, then you might ask me where I have been all this time, well I did write a few posts this week and in the beginning of the month I did write about why I have been so absent. Now, I am slowly getting my life back on a new track and that includes being a very active and productive blogger!

I am signed up for the A to Z Challenge, you can find me on the list towards the top, last year I was more to the bottom, so being number 39 sure is a neat feat for me. Now, seen my recent absence from writing and blogging, I have not really written a lot for April yet, I already have two potential posts. Theme reveal is coming up and I will have to decide on the theme too, I am hesitating between two options, but my choice is almost made.

If we were having coffee, then I’d tell you that I am planning on joining in #1000Speak tomorrow, but for that I have to write my post. Then I’d let you know that I have put up a page where I am listing the guest of my blog, you can find it here, but at the moment only those who have written a Discovering Traditions post are listed, the others from the Advent Calendar will of course be added as soon as possible. And as always, if you are interested in sharing  tradition, then get in touch! I still have no guests regarding Easter, which is next week and even though I will most likely be sharing some memories, it is a 2 day holiday (at least here) and there would also be nothing wrong with having more than one post a day especially if it is for sharing traditions! So let me know! I am also very happy to announce that on Monday I’ll have my friend, Gulara Vincent, back for her 3rd guest post on my blog, I do hope that you’ll stop by to check it out! I do know that Monday is also Theme Reveal Day for the A to Z Challenge, but I will put up that post on Tuesday, seen my time zone that should not be a problem…

I really hope that you have a great weekend! I’ll stop in here and there to read your coffee share posts.

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an event hosted by Diana over at Part-Time Monster, do make sure to check out her post and those of the other participants, and maybe join with your own chatty contribution?

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 19 March 2016

      1. I just hope the battery wasn’t damage with the help of Amazon I can use it now. It is just the matt of getting used to the blue screen and changing my habits. Thanks


    1. Hello! Just noticed your comment, and I’m minion-ing for one of the A to Z co-hosts. Themes are definitely not required, but a lot of people do use them. 🙂

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  1. Glad to see you back around the blogosphere and the coffee share!

    I’ve been barely keeping up lately myself, but I’m using A to Z to springboard back into some more serious blogging and writing like I was doing before. Looking forward to seeing what theme you choose!


    1. Your theme is amazing Diana! I have always loved witches, but that’s because the first witch I got acquainted to was the Little Witch from Ottfried Preaßler, a beautiful children’s book 🙂
      You are putting a lot on your plate though with being a Minion too and all…

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      1. Thanks! I’ll have to check that out, because I haven’t read it!

        There is quite a lot to do with A to Z and with being a minion, but it’s really enjoyable!


  2. Hi Solveig,
    Have been missing you round the traps and hoping things are okay. It must be warming up over there. I remember arriving in Europe around this time back in 1992 and feeling somewhat shocked that a European Spring was as cold as a Sydney Winter…10 degrees C.
    I loved the sound of your cup of tea and thought of the simplicity of our traditional Australian “cuppa”. I also remember having Fruchte tee in Heidelberg. It was beautiful and definitely educated my palate. We have a local tea shop and I shouold pick some up. I saved the last lot for so long that I had to throw it out. Should just drink it.
    The A-Z Challenge is starting to give me a bit of stress. As tempted as I am to spill the beans, I will wait for the theme reveal…drum roll!
    I liked your comment about the whole time zone thing. I seem to gain an extra day with the weekend coffee share and ditto with the A-Z Challenge. I can’t quite remember what number I am but in the twenties or thirties. I was like a cat waiting to pounce on a mouse to sign up…especially as our day was almost done by the time it went live.
    You can pop over to my place for a cuppa and catch up on my news rather than regurgitate it here. Would be interested in your thoughts on my compassion post too. I took quite a strong stance but writing the post really helped me gain fresh insights into old wounds.
    Take care xx Rowena


  3. It’s good to see you back a bit. I’m glad you are taking the time you need to heal from the unhealable.

    I am doing A to Z but am not doing a theme. Just going to go on by the seat of my pans and see what happens!


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