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Yesterday, when I checked my phone in the morning, I could not miss the headline of the day, David Bowie had died.

I do not have a deep connection with Bowie’s music. It was not the soundtrack of my youth. Still Bowie did make his appearances here or there. 

When I think of Bowie, the French Rock-Opera Starmania comes to mind, it was performed in my school and one of the main protagonists is called Ziggy, a clear hommage to David Bowie. I think of the motion picture Moulin Rouge, featuring his songs.

Yesterday, with the news still fresh in my head my eyes fell onto a book in my shelf: Joy Division Piece by Piece by Paul Morley. And there was another connection with Bowie! I had the Joy Division phase a few years ago (there was a huge poster in my room, well 2 enormous ones actually, I have a good Joy Division CD collection, read books etc.) Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division had his David Bowie phase, something that is put forward in the bio-pic Control. 

But I digress. I want to say that even without being a huge Bowie listener, he was somehow there. He was there in the films I watched, he was there to influence the musicians I listened to. And he was here, on Saturday. For some reason two days before his death I decided to listen to some David Bowie, to Heroes to be precise.

My thoughts of compassion and love go out to all of those who lost someone, be it a friend, a family member, a colleague, a neighbour, a star. Yesterday, many people lost a musician they love, an icon. I am sorry for your loss. Maybe while listening to Bowie’s music someone will be reminded not only of him, but also of a special moment with a friend.

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