I remember him my own way

Yesterday, when I checked my phone in the morning, I could not miss the headline of the day, David Bowie had died.

I do not have a deep connection with Bowie’s music. It was not the soundtrack of my youth. Still Bowie did make his appearances here or there. 

When I think of Bowie, the French Rock-Opera Starmania comes to mind, it was performed in my school and one of the main protagonists is called Ziggy, a clear hommage to David Bowie. I think of the motion picture Moulin Rouge, featuring his songs.

Yesterday, with the news still fresh in my head my eyes fell onto a book in my shelf: Joy Division Piece by Piece by Paul Morley. And there was another connection with Bowie! I had the Joy Division phase a few years ago (there was a huge poster in my room, well 2 enormous ones actually, I have a good Joy Division CD collection, read books etc.) Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division had his David Bowie phase, something that is put forward in the bio-pic Control. 

But I digress. I want to say that even without being a huge Bowie listener, he was somehow there. He was there in the films I watched, he was there to influence the musicians I listened to. And he was here, on Saturday. For some reason two days before his death I decided to listen to some David Bowie, to Heroes to be precise.

My thoughts of compassion and love go out to all of those who lost someone, be it a friend, a family member, a colleague, a neighbour, a star. Yesterday, many people lost a musician they love, an icon. I am sorry for your loss. Maybe while listening to Bowie’s music someone will be reminded not only of him, but also of a special moment with a friend.

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “I remember him my own way

  1. “Maybe while listening to Bowie’s music someone will be reminded not only of him, but also of a special moment with a friend.”

    This is a wonderful way to process and accept the loss. A brilliant hope coming from a sad event.

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    1. Thank you Ally, I do think that many people will remember friends, family members, moments in their pasts while listening to Bowie this week and in the future.


  2. I have to agree with Ally.. and with you! I was never a Bowie-maniac but, he was always there in some fashion. With all the posts on Facebook and all the music being played on the radio, I realise I knew more of his stuff than I thought. I was strangely saddened by his death…

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  3. I totally understand how for someone your age Bowie’s music has less impact than for older people like myself. He was (with others of course) the soundtrack of my college years. He was more than just a musician. His daring artistic journey was unusual, especially back then. He has no doubt changed the musical scene when he started to create his amazing songs. And you make a good point when you connect music with moments. This is so true that a song becomes special and beloved when attached to a person, a place, an event. Thank you for sharing this with us, Solveig.

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    1. Thank you Evelyne for your kind words. I think that with his music he will continue living in our hearts and especially ears for a long time to come. I suppose that many people will be reminded of memories and moments in the past that were marked by Bowie, and I do guess that here and there people will also be reminded of someone dear they lost themselves.


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