Young Love

Young Love

His lips on hers, her lips on his. Their kiss was full of youth, full of love, and full of joy.

Slowly they stepped backwards, feeling the tingle on their lips. They opened their eyes, which had been closed during the embrace and slowly raised their looks. Sparkling eyes of lovers met. Their hearts were beating in unison.

He dropped her hands, took a step backwards, and drew a deep breath. She smiled at him knowingly.

“I love you!” she mouthed.

He stepped closer to her again, and whispered some sweet words into her right ear. She giggled like a young girl.

She did not want to let go of his hand, nor did he. For a minute or so they lingered, looking at each other with a mixture of joy and embarrassment typical for young lovers.

He had to go, leave her behind. He dropped her hand with a sigh and turned around, she turned her back to him too and started to walk away. Suddenly she stopped, turned into his direction and followed him for a few steps. He too turned around and smiled at his wife of the last 50 years who blew him a kiss.

Love can be young even when you are old.

National Blog Posting Month, NanoPoblano, NaBloPoMo, 2015A few months ago, I saw an old couple who seemed so young, their love was vivifying them. It looked as though they were freshly in love, but who knows maybe they have been together for more than half a century? The moment I saw them, I knew I had to write about this little moment. 

© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.


17 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. Such a beautiful story, Solveig. It’s therapeutic almost to taken in a bit of romance when life gets so busy and it feels like you haven’t got time or with young kids, any opportunity. Need to try a little harder! xx Rowena

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      1. You’d like to think there was a bit of hope on the horizon. My husband has been away this week and I realised how much I take him for granted, which is also comforting. It’s special to have someone you love to come home to and not have that uncertainty.

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        1. I think that if we miss the person we love, then we are definitely sure that we love them. You will see, I am sure that him coming back home will give you some butterflies and smiles 🙂


  2. This is beautiful and touching ad brought tears to my eyes as a memory came to mind. I remember watching my grandparents walking closely arm in arm and felt so moved by their long-lasting love. A lesson for us all and I hope to follow their example throughout my life.

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    1. It is possible! I have seen some couples married over 50 years and still in love, not as madly as they were when young (they would have been completely useless for anything), but still in love.

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