If we were having coffee – 2 May, 2015

IMG_2553 - Version 2 If we were having coffee, I would propose to make some great tea, maybe a Puh Erh or Oolong, because I do not really drink coffee. I would then sit down with you and tell you that I am all new to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Part Time Monster.

We would talk about many things. I would tell you about the A to Z challenge, which I greatly enjoyed, but I would not tell you too much either, because there will be a reflections post on the topic.

IMG_2524I would let you know that I am so happy to have developed a blogging habit, that I am keen to continue blogging regularly, that I have some stories begging to be written, some series taking shape and my imagination running at full speed.

I would tell you about little one teething, she’s got 4 teeth trying to get through at the moment. You would try to talk quietly to not wake her sleeping in her sling against me.

IMG_2570Of course I would ask you how you have been, what your week has been like. Were you part of A to Z too? What are your plans for the week to come? You would answer sipping your tea and eating a piece of tarte tatin.

I guess that we would talk about the weather, people always do… I would tell you that we went from summer temperatures to a week of rain, which is good too, as it lets nature unfold. I would show you some pictures I took recently that I have been longing to share on my blog.IMG_2504

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster, this is the first time that I am participating, and I do not yet know, if it will be regular or not.

Text and Pictures (hosted on Flickr) by Solveig Werner

17 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 2 May, 2015

  1. Welcome to the coffee share gathering, it’s great to see you here. They are always great fun. I’m glad you had a positive experience with the A to Z and that you’re expanding your blogging habits. I learnt a great deal too. Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

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  2. It was very nice to have a cup of tea with you 😀 I took on my first Blogging A to Z this past month and I’m very proud to say I am a survivor! Have an awesome weekend and look forward to visiting with you again soon.

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  3. Hello! This is such a pretty site – I am thoroughly enjoying the lovely blooms.
    I’m looking forward to reading future posts, and to catching up on your A2Z entries that I missed in the maelstrom that was April!

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    1. Thank you. I am glad that you think that my site is pretty, after all that’s what I would like it to be 🙂
      I have the feeling that there are probably so many posts that I missed during A to Z that I shouldn’t have.


  4. I participated in A to Z, and it was a fun learning experience. It was more challenging than I expected but so worth it. I hope your little one has adjusted to her knew life with teeth. Some of them have such a tough time with that.

    Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. Well every time she’s got new ones coming through it is tough. She’s already got a sparkling smile.
      You to have a great week!

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  5. So glad you decided to join us for coffee! I’m so sorry about the little one’s teething woes. When baby is miserable, so is everybody else! I hope she gets through it soon. How old is the little one?

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    1. I have been tempted for a while to join in the coffee fun, A to Z had kept me from it up to now.
      She’s already got 8 teeth but now her molars are coming through, I don’t recall the others being so bad for her. She’s almost 15 months old.
      Thank you for stopping by.


  6. Thank you for a lovely refreshing cup of tea, and tarte tatin is one of my favourite dishes 🙂 Teething is never easy and I hope the baby manages to sleep through the worst of the pain. I love the flower pictures and love your description of rain helping nature unfold, I’ll have to remember that as I cycle to work tomorrow. 🙂

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    1. You are welcome! Thank you for joining me for it 🙂
      She’s been avoiding to nap, I guess it’s the fault of her teeth, but since I put up my post she has gotten a lot better (and is napping now).
      Ah good luck with the weather, rain and cycling aren’t a fun combination…

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          1. We don’t really get snow in my part of the world. More various degrees of rain. yesterday was proper downpour rain, this morning more of a drizzle. I always wear a helmet, very bright and pink clothes and a good set of lights.

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