Galaxy – G – A to Z Challenge

It was a quiet night. The absence of noise was what made me get out of bed. Being a city-girl the quietness of the countryside can be eeriy at times.

Not to wake anyone I tiptoed around the room and quietly opened the window. Cold autumn air rushed around my head and into my lungs. Oxygen!

My eyes adjusted more and more to the darkness. But it wasn’t as dark as I had expected. It was as though it was a full moon. Just that there was no moon in sight.

The stars were shining so brightly that everything was illuminated.

I marvelled at the Milkyway. At my home galaxy. Never before had I seen it like this.
I felt guarded.

I went back to bed, with a new warmth in my heart.

This year, I am participating for the 3rd time in the A to Z Challenge. It is something that requisitions quite a lot of time and energy. Earlier this week I was lacking the time to write and well visit other blogs. Now, it is catching-up time!

I won't bite, seriously!

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