Elephants – E – A to Z Challenge 2019

It must have been in the early days of summer 2000 or maybe 1999. It was on a weekend, my dad had to return to the office to finish something or pick something up. As I kid, I always found going to the office intriguing (why does an adult man have a kangaroo-screensaver on his computer?), there was always some distraction, something to observe or something to ponder.

This time around, I have no idea why I was keen on accompanying my dad. Maybe it was just to have some time with him. Whatever the reason was, I am happy that I did go!

On our way home my dad suddenly slowed. I looked out of the window in horror. There was an elephant in the middle of the road. I was scared that the car’s brakes would not be able to do their job, or that the elephant would suddenly decide that the hood of our vehicle was a nice chair.

I didn’t have to worry. We pulled over and approached the elephant. It wasn’t alone with it were I think one or two more and their guardian.

The elephants were snacking on the roadside trees and one of them had made its way up onto the road. If it hadn’t, maybe then we wouldn’t have noticed, but I think that it is tough to miss an elephant.

I don’t recall how long we were with the elephants. But as I had considered them for a long time my favourite animals, I was awestruck. These grey gentle giants were so calm. They seemed intelligent and gentle.

We talked to the man, the conversation was completely secondary to me, as I was transfixed by the sight of grazing elephants in Waldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. All I do recall is that he told us that they were from a circus. He was responsible for the elephants, they were like siblings to him, as they had been kids together. I must confess, there was a tinge of jealousy at the thought of growing up with elephants as pets.

This year, after a 2-year break, I decided to jump back into the A to Z Challenge. I will try my best to not lag behind too much and to share stories, memories, thoughts, photos, drawings and whatnot during this month. I will try to also fulfil my visiting duties, but this time around I want to avoid the blogging burn-out and stress that this might cause. Today is the last day to sign up to the challenge, so head on over to http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com

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