In the cold – Day 1 Advent 2017

In the cold

Day 1 Advent 2017

“Mom I am cold!”

“We’ll be there soon I can sense it,” she replied, not even pausing to hold her breath.

“I am cold too. And for ages we’ve only seen snow and trees, how can you be so certain that we’ll be there soon?” Her younger daughter chipped in.

She turned to her daughters, raising her gloveless finger to her mouth, “Shhhh! Listen to the silence!”

They all paused in their tracks. It was true, none of them had paid attention to the magic sounds of winter.

The world, almost asleep, was covered by a blanket of snow. They could hear the trees crack from the cold and under the weight heavy on their branches, the snow falling onto the ground, and somewhere far away there was an animal searching for food.

“Mom, look over there!” The younger two girls exclaimed, fishing a cluster of snowflakes from her icicled hair.

In the clearing ahead it was!

“Wow! We are here.”

“Where exactly is here? You mean we’ve been freezing our you know whats off to see this little snow-covered shack?” Her older daughter moaned.

But she did not hear a thing. Awestruck she looked at the little house, once the home to a great writer. She had made it! (Even if her two daughters weren’t the most motivated companions).

She took in the sight, from a safe distance. Turned around to her puzzled offspring and announced: “Thank you for letting me come here. Now let’s get us some awesome pancakes with local maple syrup for breakfast!”

“Mom, have you gone completely nuts? You make us walk for ages through a snowy forest, on an empty stomach to see an abandoned house, and you don’t even want to look inside?!” The teenager blurted-out joined by her sister nodding in approval.

“I have found what I was looking for, we don’t know if it’s abandoned, let’s take no risks, you two are cold.”

This little story/revisited-memory marks the beginning of this years Advent calendar, which will showcase many different and very talented writers, bloggers, photographers etc.

If you are interested in being a contributor yourself, there are still some open slots. Let me know!

2 thoughts on “In the cold – Day 1 Advent 2017

  1. YAY for the Advent calendar! And this little story is fun. I’d like to know more about these characters, and the writer whose house it is.



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