If we were having coffee – 18 July 2015

If we were having coffee, I’d take you to Starbucks to meet up with a friend of mine. She’s over there all day writing her final paper for her Master’s degree.

I would of course ask you how you have been. So how are you? How was your week? And then I would move on to asking you about your plans for the weekend and the week to come. What are you up to this weekend? And what are your plans for the week to come? How has the blogging gone? Any posts I missed? Any new blogs to discover? Let me know!

a very colourful car I saw on the 14th of July

I would then tell you about my non blog related adventures of the week, it was a busy week, hence not a lot of posts…

On Tuesday it was Bastille day. I only decided to go last minute, 10 minutes before the planes arrived at the arch de triomphe… It is so impressive to see all those military planes overhead, but on my photos they all turned out so small… I think I’ll have a separate post for Bastille day, as it will take up all your coffee chat time. But, I did manage to see the horses, for the 1st time ever!

I have been strong on the social side of things. I have a new neighbour living on my floor, she is American and well we spend quite a bit of time together this week. Why be alone all the time?

would you care for some sand ice-cream?

I also worked a bit, with a really nice new student, and I have to see if I can organise childcare in order to teach at university level from September onwards, which is always a great opportunity, especially if I can make it work out.

On the blogging front, I only posted a book recommendation. It’s long, but that’s because it’s about one of my favourite books, and one of my favourite things to use, VANILLA. I have now received a double nomination to the 5 days, 5 photos challenge, and will do my best to find some great gems.

Enjoy summer and this really nice weekend!

And before I forget (I forgot when I hit publish, don’t tell anyone), go over to Diana’s blog, she hosts the weekend coffee share, and do join the linky with your own post.

Thanks for stopping by, Solveig (pictures were taken by me and are hosted on flickr)

10 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 18 July 2015

  1. So glad you have a new neighbor to spend some time with. It really makes a difference when you have someone to not be alone with! I will be looking out for that post on Bastille Day.

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  2. Love that Beetle! I used to drive one of the newer model Beetles, and I miss it sometimes. It was a fun little car. Looking forward to seeing more photos in your Bastille Day post.

    It’s been busy around here this week, too, and I’ve been making a lot of changes on the blog and in the house, so I haven’t written as much as I wanted to—but I needed to get those things done, anyway.

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