If we were having coffee – 4 July 2015

I am sorry for those 95 steps you just had to climb, so please, join me for a refreshing glass of water. I normally drink mine at room temperature, but if you wish there is some in the fridge. My computer is hot, so I won’t be able to type as much as I would like.

Yes, the heat, isn’t it a great excuse for everything?

Just remember to drink the water I gave you, and you should be fine. Would you like some fruit? S. bought some this morning. We have been in a heat wave for a few days, earlier than usually, they call it “canicule” here. Canicule has a regional definition, it means that the temperatures during the day and nights have very high minimums, and that has to go on for at least 3 days. Well apparently it will continue till mid July. Earlier this week, Paris broke a heat record set in the 1940s (and not a day to day measure but a general one as the day of comparison was end of July back then).

Has your week been as hot as mine? Have you managed to do some writing, blogging, work …? I must say I worked a little bit, but didn’t write much (as it was too hot). On Tuesday I had a job interview, which went really well (I think and hope), on top of that two of my clients (one current on former) recommend my services to them.

What are your plans for the weekend? The week to come? I myself plan to relax and not get a heat stroke. I want to write as much as I can, but don’t think that I’ll be very active blogging. My computer only dates from November, and I do not want it to die now due to over heating. So I will use my Moleskine, and continue writing my story, oh yes, I didn’t tell you did I? I think that in my head and now on paper too, I have a novel growing, at least I do hope so.

For any of you in the US, or from the US, or just liking the US, happy Independence Day! (If I am good, then I’ll post a real short memory that has crossed my mind this morning). But now it is time that I send you off to check out the other coffee shares over @ Diana’s blog Part Time Monster and of course to join the linkup yourself with your Coffee Post.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend, Solveig

12 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 4 July 2015

  1. Yes, it’s been similarly hot in the UK, with the added fun of thunderstorms in the night. I’ve been working in the mornings and watching tennis in the afternoon until it’s pleasant enough to do things in the garden, then work late in the evening! Thanks for the nice water 🙂

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  2. Good luck with your heat wave … we have definitely not been experiencing anything close to heat during the last month in eastern Canada. In fact, we are wondering when summer will start.
    Having said that, today is a lovely day. I hope we get many more like this one.

    Stay cool and good luck with your infant novel 🙂

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    1. I hope that summer will come soon! I think it’s being a bit unfair, there are those who get almost too much and then those who get too little of it. Maybe summer has a hard time being organised…
      I have been writing in my notebook lately and I do hope that something will come out of it.
      Have a lovely week and thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Record breaking heat here in Portland, Oregon. Also continuing for another week at least. I hope you and your computer survive the heat without too much hassle.

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  4. I know what you mean! Heat! Ugh! My laptop fan just blasts hot air at me and I can’t work that way. I’ve taken to getting up extra early (often before 5am) so I can write for a little while before it gets too hot. Then I shift to pen and paper for the remainder of the day. It helps me stay a bit cooler. Good luck with the heatwave and thanks for the cold water.

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    1. I hope that things are starting to get better for you. Be careful with the laptop fan, last year my fan made a lot of noise, and one day it wasn’t even hot, it no longer managed to cool my computer, so my laptop died due to overheating. Turns out the fan was all clogged with dust, which made it be noisy and eventually inhibited it from working.


  5. Hi Solveig. We are experiencing our usual summer weather here. It was 108 degrees on Saturday and humid, which made it really awful. But this is the kind of weather we expect for the summer, although it seems to have started a bit earlier than normal. Keep cool!!!!

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    1. Wow, that is hot. I guess we adapt quickly to local temperatures for what we consider hot and cold.
      We had no winter at all (for 2 years now) ok winter 2012/13 was very very long and cold, and summer has known to skip on its duties too, so I shouldn’t moan about an early and good start of summer this year.
      I am drinking a whole lot of water every day, seems to be the best way to keep cool.

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      1. I suppose you don’t have air-conditioning, as you really probably wouldn’t use it much. Right? Our summers are like everyone else’s winters, we go in during the heat of the day and come out at night when the sun goes down. We are like little vampires. :))

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