The Halley Branch by Trent P. McDonald

Trevor, a young scientist, suddenly finds himself facing an evil so big, that for a person like you and I it would be impossible to grasp.

After a yearly family reunion, a distant cousin is under the curse of a long-deceased ancestor and memories, super-human powers and dangers come crashing down on Trevor.

Why is his girlfriend trying to kill him? How come he is seeing ghosts and talking with them? Why is he living the last moments of someone else? Why does everyone around him seem to know and remember things that he is completely oblivious to?

Almost against his will (willpower is something that he hadn’t had for year) Trevor is fighting off deamons.

The Halley Branch is a page-turner and the second full-length novel by Trent P. McDonald. Initially published on his blog over a few weeks, the story of supernatural and difficult family relations was turned into a full-length and full-depth novel. I do not in the slightest regret having read both, and I must say the final version is just brilliant.

What if some of us had powers to hurt, heal, work efficiently, communicate halfway across the world without using any mechanical means of communication?

I can only recommend this book to you. Okay if crypts and ghosts aren’t for you then I am sad to say you will be missing out on a great story. So, all “that’s not my genre” talk aside, give this book a go and you’ll see you too will sometimes think that you are Trevor.

Just remember events echo back and forth through time.

Where to find the book?

Paperback: Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon US

Kindle: Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon US

And the author?

Trent P. McDonald is a self-published author, check out his blog Trent’s World.

I have also had the immense pleasure to have Trent as a guest over the past few years.  In Santa’s Shadow, He Knows When You are Sleeping,  The Christmas StormThe Longest DayChristmas, 24x7x365The Truck Stop

He Knows When You are Sleeping by Trent P. McDonald | Advent 2018 Day 11

He Knows When You are Sleeping

By Trent P. McDondald

You awake up there?

Of course! How could I sleep tonight?

What time is it?

11:52. Eight minutes until midnight.

So Santa will be here in eight minutes.

What? You think Santa enters every house at exactly midnight?  Ha!

Why not?

There are hundreds of houses in this town alone.  And thousands in our state.  Millions in our time zone.  And he enters all of them at the exact same second?  How does he do that?  Go down millions of chimneys at once?  Split himself into millions of Santas?

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