Old traditions

Old traditions

Austrian Adventures

IMG_3288Fast forward to the first morning in Austria. Little one and I had so far traveled from Paris to Munich by train. The next morning we too a train that went from Munich to Venezia, we got off an hour and a half into the ride, in a situation that all moms just loathe. That was because my daughter had decided, just once we were about to arrive, to take of her shoes and want to put on her sneakers instead of her sandals…

So on the morning of the 15th of August, we were waken numerous times by the sounding of the church bells (the church was about 200m from our room), and by music played by the village’s marching band. This was because the 15th of August is the Marien Fest, or Assumption of Mary, which is very very traditional. Continue reading “Old traditions”


It all started very early in Paris

It all started very early in Paris

It’s been a little less than a week since little one and I returned to Paris from our vacation in Austria. I of course took pictures, and have my head buzzing with stories that I wish to share. I took some notes at the end of our trip, and well I do not want to rush things, so over the next days and weeks I will share some of our holiday adventures. 

It all started very early in Paris. Everything was ready, when I finally woke up little one to dress her and put her into the wrap sling, she is 18 months old, and we still love it best this way. Then off to the bus stop. Paris was just waking up, the street cleaners were still at work, but it was not too early anymore, because there is a time of the day when the only souls roaming the streets are the cleaners. Continue reading “It all started very early in Paris”