R is for Rainbow #AtoZChallenge

R is for Rainbow

Rainbows When water and sun meet we are lucky to see a rainbow. When in the biblical story of Noah’s arch the rainbow is seen, it is interpreted as a sign of hope, a sign that it will not be raining forever.

When I see a rainbow, I make everyone around me look at it too! It is just too magical to be missed out on.

I recall the little rainbows that formed when I was playing with the water coming out of the garden hose. What a discovery! I started to understand how rainbows are made. Continue reading “R is for Rainbow #AtoZChallenge”

S is for Snake – A to Z Challenge April 2015

In the depth of the woods, Sisi woke up hearing the chant of her favourite songbird. Her whole body twitched.

“What a beautiful sound”, she thought to herself whilst slowly uncoiling and slivering out of her comfortable nest. She often regretted how in the past this very type of bird had been on her weekly menue. With time she had learnt to no longer hunt for the forest musicians, but to go for the mice instead.

Today, she would neither eat nor unt.

Shortly after leaving her nest, Sisi arrived at her favourite clearing, lit all in green. Still enjoying the birds’ song, more had joined in, she coiled herself up like a liquorice snail on a huge black rock, knowing that it would soon be drenched with confortable sunlight.



Sisi blinked, “not again” she muttered to herself, sheepishly looking at a group of humans staring at her in terror.

Before anyone could harm her, she slid away like a flash of lightning.

That night, she was crying in her nest and between her sobs wondered out loud: “Why can I not be respected within my own neighbourhood? It is not as if I tanned in their backyards or on their playgrounds.”

Written by Solveig Werner