R is for Rainbow #AtoZChallenge

R is for Rainbow When water and sun meet we are lucky to see a rainbow. When in the biblical story of Noah's arch the rainbow is seen, it is interpreted as a sign of hope, a sign that it will not be raining forever. When I see a rainbow, I make everyone around me … Continue reading R is for Rainbow #AtoZChallenge

S is for Snake – A to Z Challenge April 2015

In the depth of the woods, Sisi woke up hearing the chant of her favourite songbird. Her whole body twitched. "What a beautiful sound", she thought to herself whilst slowly uncoiling and slivering out of her comfortable nest. She often regretted how in the past this very type of bird had been on her weekly … Continue reading S is for Snake – A to Z Challenge April 2015

Schwarze Sonne | Black Sun | Soleil Noir

Hier ist meine Beteiligung an Cee's Black & White photo challenge. Es ist mein erstes Mal und ich hoffe, dass es dir gefällt. Was ist es? Here is my entry into Cee's Black & White photo challenge: close ups. This is the first time that I am participating, I hope that you will like it. What is it? Voici … Continue reading Schwarze Sonne | Black Sun | Soleil Noir