A flowery surprise

The teargas had us coughing and crying. Our path was sprinkled with protesters about to engage in a streetfight. When we finally put some distance between us and the angry mob, the fresh air of the empty park was a very good reason to smile. Still, we did not linger, we wanted to feel the city’s pavement and cobblestones beneath our feet. 

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A List Of Smiles #WeeklySmile

pink roses I am a natural smiler. That means I smile all the time. When I was a teen living in the US, about to move to France, I was advised not to smile in public in Paris, that this would be dangerous for me. Well, it might be dangerous if you cast sexy smiles at strange men, but generally a smile will be greeted with a smile even in France.

Now, I live in Paris, and it is true that there are many people who lack the smiling face. I suppose some are not all that happy, others just aren’t smilers but are still happy, and there are those that show their true emotions, after all so many people do try to hide behind a smile. Continue reading “A List Of Smiles #WeeklySmile”

D is for Door – A to Z Challenge April 2015

He could not forget that moment when he saw her for the first time. Each time he sees a big blue door he thinks back to that moment. It was a spring morning, he had just shut his front door and was on his way to work, when he caught sight of a young, beautiful woman standing in a doorway. She was leaning against the frame of a blue door, … Continue reading D is for Door – A to Z Challenge April 2015

The Artist

The Artist

Magnetically attracted, she walked towards the woman sitting on a bench in the parc. As if she was an old  acquaintance, an old friend, a member of our family.

But no, it was only a stranger who had a magical attraction upon my daughter. My little one was just a few weeks over one-year-old, feeling more and more comfortable walking while holding my hand of course. And now she had targeted this woman, who was enjoying the February sun.

The woman on the bench started talking to her, little one seemed even more confident and went on. At first, the lady took her for a little Monsieur, maybe it was this misunderstanding that got us talking. Being a proud mom, I always set things right and tell people that little one is, in fact, a girl. Continue reading “The Artist”