Christmas in Rhyolite, Nevada by S.D. Gates | Advent 2018 – Day 24

Christmas in Rhyolite, Nevada

By S.D. Gates

She had always wanted to visit the collection of sculptures in Rhyolite, Nevada – always. But Rhyolite is so far out of the way from anything, it’s about 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas, on a paved, but very bumpy road, which winds its way through a landscape littered with Joshua trees, desert sage and interesting rock formations. It is about 4 miles outside of Beatty, Nevada, but really that doesn’t serve as much of a point of reference, as probably 99.99% of the world’s population doesn’t know where Beatty, Nevada is either. Suffice it to say – Rhyolite is in the middle of desert, in the middle of nowhere.

With a love of all things strange; strange buildings, strange art formations, strange landmarks, she was always searching for the new, but old. She was drawn to ghost towns such as a nail is to a magnet. To her, it was like walking back into the past, seeing the old, decaying buildings, and wondering – why people would think the site they built their town on, was a good site, and considering – why they left it as they did.

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