Penguins can’t swim!

Now, you are looking at this and shaking your head. Penguins can swim! But mine are different, they could probably swim but I cannot make them swim. So: Penguins can’t swim! 

My friend Nerd in the Brain is hosting the Go Play! Challenge which I hope you have joined by now. And every two weeks she hosts a Go Play! Go Learn Challenge! This time it’s called Splish Splash meaning we have to play with water!

I went down the science route for this one, and took my little Penguins out of their box. I wanted them to swim like penguins do. Ok these Penguins are paperclips, so what do paperclips do in water? Exactly! They sink. But I had once come across the floating paperclip experiment. And thought why not try it with my little fellows?

Penguins can't swim!
Meet the Penguins!

So I tried filling a bowl and then a glass up so that there would be a nice dome of water, just like I remembered form the video. And then I tried to let them swim, and they just sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Penguins can't swim!
a nice dome of water

I will have to try this experiment again one day. Maybe it will work then.

At least my Penguins were able to enjoy a little dive.

Penguins can't swim!
Non cooperating Penguins, preferring diving over swimming

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