If we were having coffee – 31 October 2015

winged pegasusLong time no see! Come on in and join me for a cup of tea on this lovely day that is Halloween!

If we were having coffee, you’d probably want to know why I have not invited you over in a while, and why my blog had grown quiet for almost 2 whole weeks… I guess I owe you an explanation.

So two weeks ago, I was busy cleaning our storage closet that had been filled and never touched again since we moved in. It did take a lot of energy out of my day, so I didn’t join in the coffee share. Before that, I know my blog already grew quiet, and I have no real excuse for that, I blame my notebook, which I filled with words. I even have a post planned for tomorrow about the advantages of using a notebook. After my cleaning spree, I got sick with a horrible cold (which has not left me completely just yet), my mother in law arrived for a weeks stay, and I felt it to be impolite to use the computer. Lesson is learnt now, it might be a good idea to schedule some posts. Now I am hopefully back to blogging and being my creative self.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if I missed out on anything lately? I’d probably ask you if you would be up for a nice walk outside, the weather is absolutely marvellous. A crisp autumn day, just the way I like them. To be truthful, I’d be very happy to meet you outside, maybe to glance at the pegasus by the Berges de Seine? My apartment is once again a mess, half the kitchen is in the living room, we had new water pipes installed on Thursday (no more lead), it is not a pretty sight, as the new pipes are visible and using water makes a lot of noise. At the moment they are sawing in the staircase as new windows are being installed too (thankfully not in my apartment). On top of all that we had a water leak yesterday, but with plumbers already in the house, it was repaired quickly. I am looking forward to the day when the scaffolding will be gone, when there will be no more plumbers in the hallway and no one fitting new windows… Yesterday I even had to step over equipment from the guy repairing the fibreglass (I think the installation of the new plumbing had some negative effects).

Sorry about all my moaning… What are you up to today? Do you have anything special planned for Halloween? I am not celebrating Halloween this year, but I did so in the past. I am celebrating a bit, over at Suzie’s blog party. My sister is in Paris for the weekend, so I’ll see her a bit, I’d love for you guys to meet. She has a blogger blog, that well has been neglected, I’d love for her to move to wordpress as she does some great fashion blogging (and I believe the lack of support made her grow quiet) with some of her own creations on show, I even modelled once for her Star Wars themed design. S is leaving for London tomorrow morning, so it’s going to be an all girls week dedicated to a lot of writing…

I have signed up for NaNoWriMo, my username is SolveigJW (like on twitter) but I am stuck, what shall I write about? And what shall I write? A novel? A collection of short stories? I am so used to flash fiction that 50000 words is a lot… I guess all I have to do is sit down and write once tomorrow comes along, it tends to work out best.

That’s all (not really) but I cannot take up all your weekend. It’s time for you to head over to Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster and check out her coffee post and all of the others. Feel free to join us with your own Coffee/Tea post.

Happy Halloween!

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