If we were having coffee – 27 June 2015

How are you doing? Are you celebrating?

If we were having coffee, well then I guess you would be joining me for my morning tea. Little one is still asleep, S. is about to start work, my neighbours are moving out, so it is not as quiet as it could be.

If you are stopping by for tea, and if you are from the US, then we would so likely talk about the new progress in therms of marriage rights (I started my coffee post before, and then realised that it was turning into a post just about the subject of marriage rights, so that will hopefully be a standalone post). I see that WP is spotting rainbow colours…

I would ask you how you have been, what your plans are for your weekend and week to come, how your past week was. Did you do anything blogging wise that I should check out?

I would tell you that last week, just after my coffee share went up, well I passed the 100th follower mark!!! With all the positive comments I have been receiving lately, I am realising that I might have some writing potential somewhere. So thank you all!

I have been busy reading feminist Friday posts, I guess that I am some sort of feminist… and now I have the feeling that there is a post wanting to come to the surface of my mind and get published on that topic too. The feminist Friday posts, my personal readings, changes in my everyday life and some blogs that I have started following, have started to get my brain thinking about so many things.

If we were having coffee, then I would tell you that I didn’t post as much as I would have liked, but that I am quite happy with what I posted. On Tuesday, I posted a long short story, which I do hope you will check out. I joined the love-hate challenge on Wednesday, and shared some vacation pictures on Thursday. I didn’t have the courage to post a book review/recommendation yesterday, instead I spend time with my family and did a lot of reading on other blogs. So I would like to recommend Gulara’s blog to you, which I only recently discovered, but enjoy very much. In real life I have spend a lot of time with my mom, have been running some errants. Nothing special really.

For the weekend I have planned to not get a heat stroke (I am a bit fragile when it comes to heat), to spend time with my family, my grandmother is visiting my parents at the moment, so I’ll be there a lot. S. is sadly working tomorrow (and this weekend looks like a special summer weekend seen the heat), one of his 5 Sundays of the year.

Next week I’ll start working again, one of my students needs exam preparation, now that all his written exams are behind him. So that will start on Monday, and will be I guess on a daily basis during the week to come. On Tuesday I have been asked to come to an interview with a company that does teaching, I guess they are searching for a German instructor, so I’ll see were that goes. I am trying to work as much as possible from home, as it is what I can organise the easiest.

One day, I’ll have to figure out how to do online teaching. Or at least have some students via Skype, hey the internet is there to not be geographically bound, professionally. Have a great weekend!

Are you going to join the Weekend Coffee share this weekend? It is hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster, go over to her site to check out other coffee sharers/join the linky.

Thanks for joining me for tea, Solveig

Ps here is a picture (hosted on flickr) of Little One’s and my shoes, I love pink and she seems to like it too. I never meant to expressly dress her in pink, but it is a colour that does suit her well. (I will have to tell you a bit more about her habits too I guess). Our shoes are different brands, mine are Victoria, but I am sure they are made in the same factory. You now the soles smell of cherries!!! And you can get them in all colours. Mine were bought on Amazon, while I got little one’s at an amazing little shoe shop for kids around the corner.

our shoes, when they were still clean and new

Derriere la gare Saint Lazare

Dans des rues tristes et grises je me promène.

Il pleut.

La pluie, elle ne me derange pas, j’ai un parapluie. Ici, personne ne vient par hazard.

Ceux qui viennent, ici, ont un but (précis).

une destination.

Les touristes ne se perdent pas ici,

derriere la gare de Saint Lazare, vers la Place de l’Europe.

Mais si on regarde bien.

OUI si on regarde bien, on peut la voir, ELLE.


Elle est visible, cette BEAUTÉ cachée.

La beauté cachée est là, si on ouvre les yeux et

si on regarde plus loin que l’evident,

alors là on peut l’apercevoir.


Photos (hébergés sur flickr) et texte par Solveig Werner