A walk on Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach, peace, rocksA week after Veteran’s Day, it is suitable to write about the D-Day landings. A few days after the Paris attacks it is too, because the soldiers who lost their lives in Normandy in June 1944 did so to bring safety, peace, freedom, and civil liberties back to continental Europe, something that we must not forget today.

When we travelled to Normandy this September, S. little one and I did not only hunt for beautiful Seashells, we also took a dive into the local history. We did not visit the Tapestry of Bayeux, that will happen next time… We made sure to visit Omaha Beach. Continue reading “A walk on Omaha Beach”

4 Seasons in Paris

Not the music, not the hotels, not the pizza topping, no… Last week, while outside I came across a strange phenomenon, a tree that seemed a bit lost. A cherry tree celebrating all four seasons at once! Some leaves were coloured by the advancing autumn, some were green as though in the middle of summer, then there were signs of winter with there being only … Continue reading 4 Seasons in Paris

Fontaine de l’Étoile de Montaigu or The Fountain of Love a short story

Fontaine de l’Etoile de Montaigu

Fontaine de l'Etoile de MontaiguIn the heart of the French kings’ hunting grounds one can, under contrition to keep the eyes and spirit open, come across a magical fountain or spring. It is the Fountaine de l’Étoile de Montaigu or in English: Fountain of the Montague Star. 

Already the name is rich in beauty and fuels imagination…

The spring itself is mysterious. Water a colour of blue, it is not the blue of the sky. Where does this colour come from?

Is it drinkable? Continue reading “Fontaine de l’Étoile de Montaigu or The Fountain of Love a short story”

Girl with Lollipop

A little more than 6 years ago I arrived in Krakow, Poland. Ok, it was the 12th of September if I recall correctly. One of my first walks through this beautiful town inspired me to take many, many pictures. There were hidden gems lurking in every corner, everywhere, where I looked there was something to photograph. Today’s picture was taken on the 14th of September … Continue reading Girl with Lollipop