A Beautiful Sunday

Today was an amazing beautiful day, the sky was clear and blue, the sun was shining. I could hear birds singing. For a November day it was surprisingly warm. In the mist of recent events I have shied away from looking at the news, my heart is still heavy, but I try to see the … Continue reading A Beautiful Sunday

Low Tide

After having been to Porte-En-Bessin at high tide, we came back the next morning to go on almost the same walk but at low tide. The things we saw were amazing! There was so much beauty. When it was not raining, which it did a lot, we had the sun warm our faces. The view … Continue reading Low Tide

“Das Grüffelokind” ein Bilderbuch von Axel Scheffel und Julia Donaldson

Das Grüffelokind darf nicht in den dunklen Wald gehen, denn dort haust die große und gefährliche  Maus und einem Grüfflo macht sie ganz schnell den Garaus. Aber wie Kinder nun einmal sind, macht es sich in einer verschneiten Nacht auf den Weg diese Maus zu finden. Unterwegs stößt es auf verschiedene Tiere, die alle mindestens ein Merkmal … Continue reading “Das Grüffelokind” ein Bilderbuch von Axel Scheffel und Julia Donaldson

A giant rat and French cheese

A giant rat and French cheese Normandy September 2015 After a good home cooked lunch, we made our way to the seaside. After our drive there we were impatient to see the ocean, well the English Channel to be precise. We hopped into the car and drove for about 5 minutes to Porte-en-Bessin and parked in … Continue reading A giant rat and French cheese