Josh and Aaron

"Dear Aaron, I remember when I first brought you home. You were the new kid in town, and so mega sexy. All girls must have had a crush on you!" Again the room was laughing and Sally saw many people nodding.  "You moved differently than all the other boys, you were respectful and knew how to make compliments! I well was in love! At least I had a massive crush on you and my friends and I had already had a fight or two over who should be the first one to send you a love letter. You were beautiful and popular!

Locked love in Paris

The key settled at the bottom of the Seine. Amongst so many others, that were already rusting away. At the same time the young lovers on the bridge were locked in a deep kiss. Each one still holding an open hand over the railing. They had decided to lock in their love and throw away the … Continue reading Locked love in Paris