Love-Hate Challenge

Some time ago my blogging friend, S.D. Gates (who by the way wrote this amazing book), tagged me in the Love-Hate Challenge. As I have seen on many other blogs, the word “hate” has been disliked by a lot of people, myself included. So I will list 10 things I dislike and 10 things I love.

Things I dislike:

  • bad news, because it always happens at unexpected moments and completely shakes you, throws you out of balance etc.
  • stress, it paralyses me and is most contra productive
  • Last minute cancellation of my lessons for non serious reasons…, which is quite a tale in itself.
  • Being out of balance
  • When people moan about everything, especially the weather, whatever the weather is like it won’t be right “too hot” too cold” “too windy” “too dry” “too wet” etc., hey sometimes staying inside with a good book can do the trick!
  • Middle of the night phone calls, you always expect bad news, so when you call someone in the middle of the night, make sure it’s the right number
  • Being in a bad mood/having the people around me in a bad mood
  • When little one wakes up before it’s time, because the phone rung or the doorbell for no real reason (telemarketing wrong number, or my student not realising that when I leave my door ajar it’s to not wake the baby…)
  • That so many people judge people/things without knowing the person/thing a bit better
  • Regrets

To finish on a positive note, here are the things I love:

  • My family, my daughter, S. (my fiancé), my parents, my sister, my grandparents, cousins etc. (yeah it’s a big family)
  • When I am inspired
  • A good book
  • Seeing the positive sides of things
  • Blogging, writing, being creative
  • My dreams with deeper messages, ok sometimes they are unsettling
  • Listening to my inner-self and not too much to what others want or I think that they might want me to do
  • Positive memories
  • A day in the forest, countryside or park
  • When there is nothing to worry about

I am not tagging anyone this time around, but if you want to join the fun, then please do.

Thanks for stopping by, Solveig