True love, a book review: “Not Today, But Someday” by Lori L. Otto

Emi, who due to the sudden breakup of her parents has moved in the middle of the school year, has stopped believing in love. Her first friend in her new hight school is the rather artistic Nate, who is desperately searching for love, or at least physical satisfaction. As the story unfolds the two narrators quickly find each other more or less consciously attracted to the other. The reader is wondering all along how long will they be able to resist one another, after all there is something special about their relationship.

Not Today, But Someday by Lori L. Otto, first published in 2012, is set in 1995 and the prequel to the Emi Lost & Found Series. From the start the reader is in the middle of the story, we don’t know all the details, but once a question can be thought of the answers is surely waiting somewhere close. With the diary style of Emi and Nate telling the story in constant alternation, one does not grow tired of it, actually I grew curious, wanting to always know what either Emi or Nate were thinking and feeling about a given situation.

In my opinion nothing negative can be said about Otto’s story. Just maybe that it was written in such a way that I read it quicker than I wanted. The ending marked by promises and being quite promising for the rest of the series, I am curious to find out what will happen next in Nate’s and Emi’s adventure.

Book review written by Solveig Werner of Not Today, But Someday by Lori L. Otto, third edition 2014, first published in 2012 by Lori L. Otto Publications.

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