Being Eco-Friendly

Imagine your plastic bottle starting to grow into a plastic-bottle-tree in a landfill…

Being Eco-Friendly

Currently, the news is overflowing with stories about plastic in the oceans, recycling, living sustainably and so on. When was it? Yesterday, I think, we (the humans living on this planet that we call “Mother” earth) were advised that we should pay attention to climate change.

Just today, this image of some old plastic waste washed ashore onto my Instagram feed:

Plastic! It’s bloody everywhere!

And as the picture of the old washing-up liquid bottle proves, it (the plastic pollution problem) has been around for quite a while.

Littering has always been out of the question

I was brought up to respect nature, littering was out of the question (I even feel bad when it’s the stem of an apple going into the gutter by accident and not making it into the next bin). So, imagine how shocked I was at 22 when I saw a kid chuck a disposable cup into the gutter next to a bin or a dogwalker doing the same with a bag of poo… But then I received a certain education/brainwashing when it comes to littering. Continue reading “Being Eco-Friendly”

Sorry Remy!

Sorry Remy, even though we all love you and think you are super cute, your publicity for rats has not worked.

During my first year at university, a rat liked to enter the kitchen through the air vent by the window. This was student housing and definitely quite a shock, but my flat being on the ground floor, it wasn’t too much of a surprise. The animal did seem more scared of us than we were of it. Most of all it made me jump to find a rat in my kitchen! Later on, in a different flat, we had some nocturnal visits from a very intelligent mouse, it stole the cheese from its trap but was never trapped itself.  Continue reading “Sorry Remy!”