Nagging Questions by Solveig Werner | Advent 2018 – Day 13

Nagging Questions

by Solveig Werner

This story might be hurtful for some, but it sadly is a reality for many, and a subject that is often too taboo, especially around Christmas.

Felix wiped a tear from Susie’s face. 

“Honey, it will be alright! We won’t tell mom, I promise!”

“She’ll nag just the way she always does when you see her, she’ll know when you are lying.” Susie softly spoke to Felix. 

“Please, I promised them a family Christmas, we are always with your parents!” Felix started to behave defensive. 

“Yes, but they don’t ask these questions!”

“You are their daughter, that’s why. And your mom and you have a special way of communicating. Didn’t you see how she looked at you knowingly, understandingly the day it all happened?” 

Susie nodded, there had been no need to tell her mom, the signs for good and bad had been too obvious. Their telepathic power had been so strong, she knew that she was understood. 

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