Snow and Smiles by Melanie Noell Bernard | Advent 2018 Day 9 – 2nd Sunday

Snow and Smiles

By  Melanie Noell Bernard 

Trigger warning: The ending of this winter horror story includes violence which might be disturbing for some readers.  

Snow. That was what they called it, the people down in the village. I wasn’t supposed to know that or know them, but I just… couldn’t help myself. They were so fascinating. They lived in such large groups and never moved their dens, and while that was peculiar, it was not what brought me back time and time again. Rather, it was the village peoples’ relationship with snow.

You must understand, I am not one of the village people. My family does not even interact with the village people and we do not stay in one place for long. We do not have a permanent den and snow has never been beautiful or serene or a sign of good tidings. For my family, snow is a bad omen. It is a warning that food will be scarce, days will be short, and nights will be brutally cold. It is the beginning of the harsh season and no one smiles or laughs or celebrates the harsh season, but the village people do.

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