The longest Summer

It’s October and the weather has turned cold. About two weeks ago, I was still walking around in summer dresses and my beloved Birkenstocks. I don’t complain, this year I had a summer that lasted 6 months! In mid-April, the temperatures started to rise, it wasn’t spring weather it was that of Summer! As we spend the second week in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina where the temperatures were well above 30° Celcius. A few cool days greeted us upon our return. Still, the over-early Summer was quickly back.

Europe was in a heatwave and everywhere we went it was hot. Once out of Paris, the heat was bearable.

In a big city, the heat gets stifling.

Today, the heat of Summer was only a memory, a few days old … The overcast sky and the chilly wind gave me the impression that I was smelling the scent of snow. I hope not.

I love snow.

But I also love a beautiful Indian Summer, and I really hope that it will be one.

If we were having coffee – 4 July 2015

I am sorry for those 95 steps you just had to climb, so please, join me for a refreshing glass of water. I normally drink mine at room temperature, but if you wish there is some in the fridge. My computer is hot, so I won’t be able to type as much as I would like.

Yes, the heat, isn’t it a great excuse for everything?

Just remember to drink the water I gave you, and you should be fine. Would you like some fruit? S. bought some this morning. We have been in a heat wave for a few days, earlier than usually, they call it “canicule” here. Canicule has a regional definition, it means that the temperatures during the day and nights have very high minimums, and that has to go on for at least 3 days. Well apparently it will continue till mid July. Earlier this week, Paris broke a heat record set in the 1940s (and not a day to day measure but a general one as the day of comparison was end of July back then).

Has your week been as hot as mine? Have you managed to do some writing, blogging, work …? I must say I worked a little bit, but didn’t write much (as it was too hot). On Tuesday I had a job interview, which went really well (I think and hope), on top of that two of my clients (one current on former) recommend my services to them.

What are your plans for the weekend? The week to come? I myself plan to relax and not get a heat stroke. I want to write as much as I can, but don’t think that I’ll be very active blogging. My computer only dates from November, and I do not want it to die now due to over heating. So I will use my Moleskine, and continue writing my story, oh yes, I didn’t tell you did I? I think that in my head and now on paper too, I have a novel growing, at least I do hope so.

For any of you in the US, or from the US, or just liking the US, happy Independence Day! (If I am good, then I’ll post a real short memory that has crossed my mind this morning). But now it is time that I send you off to check out the other coffee shares over @ Diana’s blog Part Time Monster and of course to join the linkup yourself with your Coffee Post.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend, Solveig