C is for Collection #AtoZChallenge

C is for Collection

If you had 100 million euros and just for fun you’d spend 1 million, what would you buy?

When I was recently asked the above question, I had no idea what to answer. In my head the picture of a beautiful wooden table popped up. But no object that I have been dreaming of for years, that if I had the means would be bought without the blink of an eye. I am not longing for beautiful necklaces, Van Gogh paintings, contemporary art sculptures, antique coins or Ming Porcelain.

It seems that I am not much of a materialist. Not that much of a collector. My passion, writing cannot be purchased in a store, or crafted by someone else, I have to do it myself. Continue reading “C is for Collection #AtoZChallenge”

Magic Library

When my grandfather turned 70 years old, he invited us (his guests) to visit a boarding school. Strange thing to visit isn’t it?
Well this was not any boarding school, and my grandfather is a historian, so visiting a place packed with history was a natural thing to do.

The Landesschule Pforta is located within the property of a cloister. I did not take a lot of pictures, even though there were many things to photograph on the winter day that we went there. I remember that inside the church there were some decorations that were unusual for the protestant monks that had put them there in the past.

What marked me a lot on this visit was the description of the school life in this boarding school. The students themselves have to ring a bell that marks the end and beginning of class. All students, even the local ones have to live within the school. Of an elitist heritage, it is a rather selective environment. One of the alumni is Friedrich Nitzsche.
In the past when the Abitur  (German final exams taken before University) was far less common the students were allowed to sit their exams in this school when their teachers deemed them to be ready to do so. When the teachers figured that their student was mature enough to move onto university. Taken into account the great presence of immature and very young students in Universities this might not actually be too bad. At that time (if I am not mistaken that was over 100 years ago) the pupils of the school would have to write a final paper in latin, yes in latin, that probably resembles a final dissertation for a current day bachelor’s degree.

All of these little details about the school life, past and present were presented within this library. Packed with old books it seemed magic. My cousin decided then and there she wanted to go there to study, she was very much reminded of Harry Potter. Who can blame her?

magic library, landschule pforta

Does this library inspire you?

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