Gratitude #1000Speak

With the events that happened a week ago, I have thought a lot about gratitude, gratitude for the simple things in life, those that I and others often take for granted.

I feel gratitude for life. With that I mean life in general, my life, human life, animal life, the natural world. Then there are things such as family, friends, being in love, motherhood. I am also grateful to be in good health,  to be young, to have a roof over my head and food on the table.

I am thankful to have civil liberties, to have a good education, to be able to write and read. I am so happy to have discovered and integrated an amazing  blogging community, I realised how strong and supporting it is after I posted on the bleak topic of the Paris attacks on Saturday.

Then searching for beauty and positivity all around over the past few days, marked by dark clouds and disbelief, I realised that I should be grateful for my eyesight enabling me to see BEAUTY, to see COLOURS, to spot STORIES to tell everywhere. Then there is my imagination and my memories that I don’t want to miss.

I am thankful that things such as humanity, optimism, positivity, love, diversity, trust, and instinct exist. I am grateful for peace and safety, something that many people lost their lives for, I really hope that these things will stay.

I am thankful for every good teacher I had, and for every good teacher there is. We often forget the importance of good teachers.

But how can I express my gratitude? How can I express my gratitude for all these things?

Evening sky

Maybe by being creative, by writing about it, by living life to its fullest and seeing life from a positive angel. Then by thanking others for what they have done.

Sometimes gratitude can be expressed through a smile, a nod, a sign of the hand, a ‘thank you’, a letter, or even just some positive thoughts. My daughter who cannot speak yet, knows that a big smile and a squeal of happiness is a great way of expressing gratitude.

What  are the things you take for granted that you feel gratitude for? How do you express gratitude?

Thank you very much for reading. (see?)

This is my contribution to the #1000speak linkup. This month’s theme is Gratitude, find out more on the #1000speak for Compassion website.

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