Penguins can’t swim!

Now, you are looking at this and shaking your head. Penguins can swim! But mine are different, they could probably swim but I cannot make them swim. So: Penguins can’t swim! 

My friend Nerd in the Brain is hosting the Go Play! Challenge which I hope you have joined by now. And every two weeks she hosts a Go Play! Go Learn Challenge! This time it’s called Splish Splash meaning we have to play with water!

I went down the science route for this one, and took my little Penguins out of their box. I wanted them to swim like penguins do. Ok these Penguins are paperclips, so what do paperclips do in water? Exactly! They sink. But I had once come across the floating paperclip experiment. And thought why not try it with my little fellows?

Penguins can't swim!
Meet the Penguins!

So I tried filling a bowl and then a glass up so that there would be a nice dome of water, just like I remembered form the video. And then I tried to let them swim, and they just sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Penguins can't swim!
a nice dome of water

I will have to try this experiment again one day. Maybe it will work then.

At least my Penguins were able to enjoy a little dive.

Penguins can't swim!
Non cooperating Penguins, preferring diving over swimming

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If we were having coffee – 5 September 2015

If we were having coffee today, I suppose then we would be having a nice cup of tea, like always.

How have you been? I have probably been actively commenting on your blog over the last few days, so I should know how you are. If I haven’t then I should head over to your space on the internet and see what you have been creating, wondering, seeing…

This week was a girls only week, not the whole week, but from Monday to Thursday S was in London for a class. It was his first time in the UK. He really enjoyed himself there and is looking forward to going back in November. Maybe in 2016 for his last class we will join him for a few days. Meet up with bloggers? Who knows?

Just the two of us at home, was not always easy. Little one was seeking attention all the time, but the weather was somewhat responsible for that. Last weekend it was really hot (32°C and now temperatures have dropped to 19°C and below).

I think that recently I mentioned that I did not work all August, and that I was hoping to get back to work. Well my wish has been granted, I was contacted twice this week! So now I have two new clients, and have my first lesson this afternoon. My goal is to work 10 to 15 hours per week. So I will keep you updated on that. But being freelance means that clients come and go, sometimes they come back after months of absence too, which is a great compliment.

flower from the end of summer

A my daughter didn’t want me to use the computer all week, I did not write as much as I would have like to, normally I wrote when she went into her night’s beauty sleep. I wrote about our travels to Austria, more precisely old traditions and happy cows. I participated in the freestyle writing challenge, and started to create a whole new universe. Yesterday I posted a book review, of a book that I absolutely loved and read during my train travel to Austria.

I discovered an amazing new park in Paris, but I will tell you more about that one soon. And of course I will continue sharing my Austrian adventures with you. And next Saturday this is going to have it’s 6 month anniversary, but more on that in next weeks coffee share.

summer is fading, but the flowers are still there

But before I leave you. Go join the GO PLAY challenge hosted by Nerd in the Brain and if you found out about it here, then mention me as your referral in the signup form 😘. And do join in the great blog party that is going on over there too. Awww so much info, I know. I have already completed 2 challenges! (visiting a new park and playing catch).

If we were having coffee, I would ask you just one small favour, go over to Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster (the cool logo comes from there) and check out the linky, and if you have your own coffee share post, add it to the said linky!

Have a great weekend, Solveig