Gifts for a bookish friend by Stephanie Augustine | Advent Day 9, 2nd Sunday of Advent

Christmas is upon us and you have no idea what to buy for your bookish friend. You want to get them something else besides books though. What do you do?

Never fear! Here is a list of places you can go to buy bookish items for your friends.

Augustine’s Book Corner

Yes I know, I am self promoting but I honestly love my bookmarks so much. They have a lot of integrity and some really cute designs.

Book Nook Candles

These are great book candles all made with coy wax. I love them because it’s a mixture of book and holiday candles.

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The perfect gift

ecember is nearing and with it the nagging thoughts of buying/making Chrismas presents. But there is not only Christmas, but there are also birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and all sorts of occasions that might warrant the thought to think of a present.

When it is difficult to find just the thing

I always feel that it super tough to come up with the perfect gift, especially if the person, who I want to spoil already has everything and doesn’t want anything in particular or even worse, buys everything they want right away. My mother rarely bought presents for my dad (when she did, they weren’t what he really wanted), instead, she painted or sculpted a present for him (this is what he always really wanted). But I know, not everyone is comfortable with creating their own gift. Do give it a go!

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