The darker season

It was November, it was definitely November. Rachel looked out the window. Rain was pouring down from the grey almost black sky. November. What a month. No light. Rachel grabbed her bag, her umbrella and glanced at her feet. The shoes, that she was wearing were most certainly not going to help her keep her … Continue reading The darker season

Advent Calendar 2018

Now, that the presents are all unwrapped, that the bird is eaten and that you are wondering how you are going to survive the excess that comes with New Year's Eve, it's time for me to say thank you. Thank you! Thank you for making the 4th edition of the Advent Calendar a success! So … Continue reading Advent Calendar 2018

Happy Birthday Erasmus!

It was very cold the day that we went to visit Schindler's factory, so cold that the pen my professor was meant to use to sign my report card was frozen, after trying a few pens, we finally found someone who had ink that didn't freeze at the temperatures we were going through. It was the last class that I would attend in Poland during my Erasmus exchange...